November, 12, 2007

Three weeks ago I have received personal visions/calling from Yeshua telling me that I am to become His Bride, that I am to separate, get away from all unclean-ness (including my rebellious husband to whom I was unequally yoked)" receive His ring and belong to Him. I have pages of revelations that Yeshua gave me in His personal visits, including in near death experiences. I have been mocked when I shared my vision, then I found your website and I felt so excited to see others have heard this too, that I am not insane!

My problem is that I am badly addicted to crystal meth (Yeshua delivered me from meth, satanism + many other things in dec 2000, and I remained clean and walked with Him for 5 yrs, experiencing incredible blessings, miracles, dreams and revelations, following Feasts and Sabbath).

I relapsed 2 yrs ago, wore out from living in a pain-filled marriage, with all forms of abuse, abandonment, lies and lack of provision. I interceded for our marriage for years, but eventually gave up, because nothing changed. I was advised by pastors, spiritual leaders that I am to remain married onto death, and despair set in. Now crystal meth has nearly killed me 7 times (OD's) but I have remained faithful to Yeshua, still reading my Bible, crying out to Him from my prison, moaning and groaning,tortured by my own sin in my body as if already in Hell on earth. I have had visions of worms devouring my body and experienced many horrible things due to crystal. But at times I have seen angels attending me, guarding my house with flaming swords and fighting evil forces when they became too strong for me. I should have died many times.

I have lost career, house, huge savings but I am accepting His refining fire. I was even led by an anointed prayer warrior to learn to Praise Him for and from my pit of hell and thank Him for my afflictions. I know that He is still calling me, which I can't understand because I feel so defiled and unworthy...I know that I am an Elect, was from the begining, been harrassed by hordes of demons all my life, and Satan himself trying to reclaim my soul I gave him when I was 13. (renounced in 2000)

I have repented of meth and tried to quit 15+ times, several detox etc. The addiction has been ferocious and tenacious, and I am growing afraid for my soul. The spirit of suicide has come near the gates, but he is being held back for a time.

Please, pray with me today that I will finally have the strenght to leave my situation/toxic marriage as commanded by Yeshua, that I will be delivered from crystal meth once again. Please pray that I will return to my First love and joy of my salvation, that I will receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and be led to the right places, right people, In His name, that I may become His righteous and radiant Bride, and be of use for His Kingdom in the final days.

By His precious Blood,


Queen in captivity
"I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is Mine" Please come and free your Bride, Yeshua!
Elizabeth: finding your website was an enormous joy and blessing... I read word for word some exact same things I was revealed also, too many words of confirmation to be coincidence!