Anne, October, 26, 2007

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ,

Please pray for Hellen Rukunga who has been admitted in hospital since January 2007 and is still admitted. She's suffering from strock and other complications. NB: I, the writer, Ann was once praying and i don't know how i got to know that she had been bewitched and by her own son (& his wife). I could be wrong. Please pray for her and God bless you.

Pray for me also, the writer, Ann, as i have been having pains in my eyes and also a pain on the hip and i had a pap smear test done and going to the doctor's today, plse pray as doctor had speculated i could be having cervical cancer. Pray for God's forgiveness and healing.

Pray with me as well for my two brothers; kenneth and John who have been drinking alcohol, and my sister who Ruth to receive Jesus as their personal saviour.

Pray also for my sister's husband Geoff, as at their work place they have been told that they have been getting a higher grade and it will be lowered and this will affect their family immensely.

NB: I hope it is okay for me to request for advise through this form. I am separated with my husband Johnathan and he married someone else officially and he has refused to accept divorce and has been telling his brother that me and our son are his only family. I am confused. It's been five years now. I have forgiven him and i don't hate him. what is the lord's requirement in such a situation. Should i continue to pray that he comes back to us or should i believe God for another husband. We are in kenya and he is in England.

Kindly, pray for our country kenya as we are nearing the general election period to be done in december and there are a lot of uncertainty. Ask the Lord on our behalf who will be our next president so that we can stand with the person in prayer. There are four aspirants Kibaki, Raila, Kalonzo and Muiru. (will keep information confidential and will share with only mature christians for the purpose of prayer).

Plse reply.

God bless you and i appreciate you.