Nikisha, 15, August, 2007

Hai Elisabeth,

I am Nikisha. I greet you in the name of YAHUVEH. I like your ministry. I am trying to tell my friends about the messages in your website. Please pray for me. Now I am styding 12th standard in school. In tenth I got school first by the grace of God. Now I am getting headache often and I cannot learn. Yesterday one hindu girl in my class looked sad. I thought I got a chance to tell to her about YAHUVEH as she may have some problems. She said she did not do her exams well. She also said ďto your level I did well, to my level I did not do wellĒ. I felt very bad because I will also learn well only. If I tried I can easily get more marks than her. Because of this I could not tell her about God at that time.

I was also sad because I pray daily. She is not a Christian and she is top of me and criticizing me. In Bible it is said that Ďpeople of God were the intelligent peopleí. But here I am in bottom. If I tell her to pray she may ask me why I am not getting more marks. Please pray that I get more marks in exam. I am telling my friends not to watch harry potter. I want to tell everyone that I get all I want including marks because I pray. So you too pray. I donít watch TV and movies. I tell everyone not to watch. I donít play movie songs in my keyboard and I donít allow anyone to play. Please tell me what should I tell to everyone about God YAHUVEH.

( one person in our area kept his name as yahava vasia and said that he was god and did some miracles. He died before some years and all are worshiping him. I really donít know how to convince my friend that he is a false prophet) I said to my friend not to watch harry potter but she argues with me saying she watches only for entertainment and she asks me what is wrong in watching just for entertainment, it is just like any cartoon. I donít know what to reply her. Please tell me what to reply. I am getting really discouraged. Please pray that I get more courage. Please reply as soon as you can.
From Elisabeth..
This young girl is from India. Please family write her and encourage her. We seem to have a branch of this ministry in India also and that comes from 9 years ago we sowed seed into India and it has brought forth a great harvest.