Shalem, 10.27.06

I am shalem raju from India and my father is a pastor in a small village.He started a small organisation EMMANUEL GOSPEL AND WELFARE SOCEITY Now my father got diabetic paralysis. He is not energitic and strenthy as he was in early days. i am studying final year. Next i want to do M.C.a. I dedicated my life to God's ministry.

I want to GET A GOOD JOB and spare my money for ministry. I want to devolop it at any cost. I AM LIVING FOR GOD...RATHER ITS BETTER TO DIE.

In this situation i am not capable of continue for higher studies coz my father is ill and no other financial source for us. My eyes are searching for sponsers for my EDUCATION.

Please pray for my studies. all i want to ask you is your Prayer support coz prayer alone has power to do every thing.GOD NEVER LEAVES FORGETS HIS CHILDREN. Please pray for me and let me know that ur prayers strenthen me.

This child only wants to help others but now i am in a position of support. I will help many in my future by the grace of GOD. AMEN.