Roalme, 10.27.06

first and for most I want to say thank you for always praying for me, Please pray for me so that God will gave me more strenght to face my problems as in the book of Mathew you shall not be worry for those things and seek ye first the kingdom of God, I know that this is only a test for me and please do pray for those terrorism in the whole world so that they may see the Glory of Yahveh and the kindness of Yashua and so that they will stop doing such a crime that against the law of Yahveh.

Please pray for my whole family that Yahsua will always be there for them and also the Holly Ghost including the Bermeo family please pray for my mother in law also my father in law and all of my brother's and sister's and also please pray for my Cousin JoJo so that he will evade the homosexual, Dear Yahveh and Yahshua I thank you for being so good to me Please forgave me for my sin in every way no matter what sin that I have commit please for gave me. Yahsua I need you in my life please dont ever turn your face to me, you know that I am seeking for your kingdom that's why I do my very best to obey you. Oh Yashua thank you for saving me.

Thank you thank you and I Love you