Lorraine, 10.21.06

I was employed by NGO Dec2002 to May 2004,around in the middle of my contract the Director left, and new one arrived from arrival to the end he was determined to get rid of me, needless to say he did not renew my contract, I have had a on going labor battle with him from June 2004 to February 2005, he blacklisted me everywhere I went so I failed to find employment (in this time Iím standing on the WORD) I am a self supporting mother of 4 been separated from 2002, we have become completely destitute, now the case up has come up at the higher labour courts and this NGO with its high powered lawyers.

I am standing on my own, we have lost our whole world, and this case coming up is like opening up old wounds l have prayed to the Father for vindication, and this time I donít feel emotionally strong enough to fight, (I pray for strength) l pray the Lord wins my case touches the of judges heart and rules in my favour (The case was heard last week in the High Labour Courts and now we have to put in our submissions), my children have been through enough and lost enough we are only surviving through Jehovahís grace, as l write my 18 old son has not been able to write Cambridge two yrs in a row.

I have to move my 14 year old daughter to a home learning centre(I am in areas of the high school she was in)my 2smaller ones I am in areas of their school fees, and the NGO lawyer has written a such a strong case against me, l found out today if l lose l have to pay the costs. (I am an intercessor) and the house we living is being sold.

Thank you and YAHUVEH bless you