Lidya, 10.21.06

Please,pray also again for my mother she very sick again.1 week she did not eat and can not wake up. Before that she saw a son that parents make or pray dead to my mother ,he just stand up inside room that my parents sleep.But he comes suddenly and he disappear suddenly.And also financial and economic from my parent getting very,very,very worst.they have so very many debt but 0 income.

i am in here become vey sad and stress also to heard this news.Because i can not help her.we also poor in Holland.Oh who can help me and my parents,I know only our YAHU'VAH know about all this problem that also happen on us.Please,help in pray beloved Elisabeth and all in this ministry.Thank you,very much.YAHU'VAH BLESS you beloved Elisabeth and Nikomia and Joanine and Chuk and all in this ministry with very,very,very greatly and abundantly now and forever!!!!!!!!!!!