Roalme, 9.23.06

please pray for me and my whole family that Yahve will give us more blessing especially in good health,Yashua i do believe that whenever I get down you held me up I love you Yashua thank you Yahve for making me strong in every way to fight the demons...

please pray for me to I want to have a baby no matter what gender it is, please do pray for my auntie menchie she doesnt know what she is doing for she dont respect her older sister which is my mother please pray for her entire family that the eyes of God will not turn away from them for they pray for an Idol such statutes and that is against of the law of God in the 1st Commndment Please pray also my Auntie Merlyn for she has the deseas of her skin and her whole body was been already affected please do pray for her family also, please pray for her so that she may be cure, please pray for her so that she will not be blinded and see the truth about Yahve and Yashua,

Please pray also her children especially Jojo for committing ! such a sin like stealing and bear false witness against his cousin... Thank you for praying