Tee, 8.28.06

Please pray for my daughter Shari, and family. My daughter has a step daughter Brooke and she hates her and resents her, i have offered to take Brooke for the school holidays but this is not aloud Shari abuses her mentally and physically i do not no what to do in this situation. I am asking Yahweh for a miricle to happen in there family. I also have started to date this guy. I am 41 he is 31 but he is not abeliever please pray Yahwehs will in this situation because i no light does not mix with darkness.

I also need a well paid job. i volunteer 3 afternoons per week at the red cross but i do need to find a well paid job to provide for my family. I no Yahweh no my needs. I also have a problem with this woman in church where i go. This lady hates me so much that she has told the pastor that she hates me, i have forgiven her but i would like to pray to Yahweh do i stay in the church or move elsewhere. thanks blessings to you