Kellie, 8.26.06

Please pray for me, not long after I submitted my prayer request I had a person I thought was a friend (who I had listed to be prayed for Malinda) cause real trouble,she had run into my friend Scott and I do not know what she said to him but he has been avoiding me,and the next day I invited her to a Christian concert and she left soon after to go have casual sex with my former brother in law, I have found out recently that she had an affair with my real brother some years before while she was still married(she was 28 and he was 17 or 18).

All this has floored me as she claims to be a Christian and also is very popular and everyone thinks she is so nice and her parents are good Christians, I have seen her in a very different light. I know I have to forgive her but I do not want her in my life causing anymore trouble. I have been so upset that she spoke to this man who I care for and would never hurt and I do not know what is going on. I also got so stressed over this that I have smoked again, I really need God to move and give peace and let me know that He can straighten it out. At least I can thank Him for showing me what she is really like.

But most of all I want complete deliverance to continue with all the hard work I have done to work out and be healthy.I have also prayed the Bone of My Bones Prayer but the enemy has really attacked and I have felt so alone.