Belinda, 7.30.06

My name is Belinda Givens. We have a daughter name Paula Jones. She have been gone over a year now on drugs. Now she is presently in jail. She called me about 3 weeks ago and told me that she has become HIV but has not become AIDS yet.

I come to know what Jesus is in my life and my children. I know what deliverance and with the word of God. And I know that it nothing that my God can't do. She desires to be Healed. I know myself when you are out of the will of God satan has it arms wide open. I know through this God has a work for her to do. Speaking deliverance and healing.

She is a wife and a mother of 2 girls and 3 boys. I had seen you on TBN with Prophest Denise [Elisabeth has never appeared on TBN], I forget her last name. The holy spirit was in my bedroom when she had told the other prophest about daughter female problem I have a daughter whom is going through the same thing. But getting back to Paula, there are some many children left in foster care and relatives to care of I rebuke that demon in the name of Jesus.

These young lady are going to stop leaving there children on people to raise and get them caught up in the system for somebody to take of. I had a vision that my daughter was heald in the name of Jesus and she is coming home and raise her child and have an long life into her old age, Amen. Prayer for all our children whom walk around counting our ways of God unholy.