Gordon, 7.16.06

Please pray for my friend R."Andrew" H.Although years ago,at 15, he received Christ as Saviour, the life he now lives is absolutely unScriptural.Though he believes GOD is "okay" with his lifestyle; that HELL to him is only a "myth" and does not believe the WHOLE BIBLE is of the LORD GOD. He has heard the truth but "no one is going to change his mind".I love him and cannot bear imagining him tormented in HELL and in the eternal Lake Of Fire.

I know that JEHOVAH's Right Arm is not too short to save through JESUS CHRIST. But I too know that "Andrew" has to make the decision of Eternal Life in CHRIST for himself. Sorry so wordy. Please pray for the LORD to WORK in his heart and in his life to come to see his own sin and NEED for JESUS CHRIST. Pray also for me(Gordon) to live in holiness and purity before King JESUS and to be BOLD in sharing the Gospel to the lost and to be Bridal Rapture ready and Kingdom ready. Thank You and the LORD GOD's Blessings on you both FOREVER as it is!!!!