Furman, 7.2.06

I have been fasting and praying for over 3 years,I have repented of my sins and I have been winning souls.

It has been over 3 years since my ex-wife who was involved in voodoo and witchcraft left with my 2 daughters now 4 and 5 years old and was awarded by a Family Court Judge who was in collusion with her attorney my kids and my house in Louisiana and I need a miracle breakthrough from God. My now ex-wife refuses to repent and has denied me access to my 2 children who I have not been allowed to see since feb 2003 but I pay $900 a month in child-support and the judge gave her my house in my name because she is in collusion with my ex-wife again and her Lawyer (Louisiana is the Voodoo Capital of America).

She was involved with 2 voodoo pastors who had a church of satan that preyed on young women like my ex-wife and other families they even sent out death curses for insurance money and also I found out she was dedicated to Satan from birth. They also did rituals on my 2 daughters before they were born and after they were born so but being a Man of God and the seed they are covered in the Blood of Jesus who is Lord but I still ask for prayer to break anyting off that was done to them. This is really Satan himself involved with this pure evil with the Family Court system and my ex-wife Saleria who burnt candles and along with these voodoo priest and they tried to kill me with voodoo but God protected me.

I have done all I can but I even need prayer for myself because I feel like giving up because it has been so long and God has not answered this prayer for me in Louisiana and I prayed and the Holy Spirit to lead me to a Prayer request site that I would get an immediate release in the physical realm. I have been on all other prayer sites over the years and it seems like things remained the same. I did pray for my ex-wife salvation and I have truly opened up my heart to all the best I know how but after over 3 years of sowing and witnessing in Ministry and not seeing results for my case in Louisiana I am ready to give up.

I saw God move for so many others in a short period of time but I have confessed my sins and I have done everything I know. I Praise God and thank him for allowing me to graduate from college and I am praying right now for a position in the computer filed which is my Major so I thank you so much for your prayer but I really want the deisres of my heart to come. I reminded God about his word and his promises but I haven't heard anything.

I really need a miracle today in regards to Louisiana so that this can all end and I can get my life back and my daughters can have a life with me and Jesus. I thank you for your time.