Roalme, 7.1.06

Dear YAHUVEH thank you for the Mercy that you hear my prayer's, I just watch the latest news about the Volcano in Mount Bulusan Sorsogon, the Volcano still quite as of this moment, pls have mercy to the people leaving thier especialy the Christians protect them in your shield. Praise to you o GOD you are the GOD that made everything I priase you. and again Thank you for hearing my prayers for the delay of the erruption of the volcano in the Mount Blusan in Sorsogon. thank you my GOD.

Roalme Bermeo
Your daughter

Mount Bulusan Sorsogon

NOTE: Please also pray for the people living in the immediate vicinity of the Taal volcano in the Philippines. It is a tourist attraction, the site manager visited it years ago and actually climbed to the rim and looked inside, where there is a steaming lake. We believe Taal will shortly come to life along with so many other volcanoes around the world. We pray that those living near them will leave before it is too late.