Diane, 6.23.06

1. Sole, permanent custody of my sons to be granted to me without having to go back to court.

2. Restoration of relationship between my daughter and me. We've always been close, but suddenly...she has abandoned me. She is expecting her 2nd child the first of July. Please pray for her health and the baby's, too.

3. Finances to take care of us.

4. A new, Godly husband that already operates in the principles of God.

5. For all of my children to fulfill God's calling on their lives.

6. For my ex-husband to STOP torturing me. He always told me he would destroy me; and, he is doing his best to "shut me down" for over 10 years...We've been divorced for over 10 years. Without going into detail, it will suffice to say he is on a mission to destroy me and turn my children away from me....and, is also doing his best to turn others against me. I've never seen such cruelty. (His sister, mother and 4th wife are helping him with their actions and money.)

P R A Y !

Thank you,