Elaine, 5.29.06

Dear Elijah, Please pray for me that the fire will fall on me and my household. I've been walking with the Lord for a long time now and have recently been asked to be an Elder in a church in Danbury Ct. I do not feel equipped. I have no manifested gifts to speak of. I feel sometimes that the Lord does not feel I am qualified to be a candidate to join His powerful army. I see so many come into the fold and are immediately annointed and flow in the gifts. I am so dry and yet I have been asked to be an Elder along with my husband Jack. Today, I feel like I am holding on to a thread. Please pray for me. Thank you, your sister in Yashua Messiah

Dear Elijah, As an elder in a church in Danbury, Conn. I was asked to arrange to have a powerful conference sometime in Sept./Oct. Would you like to come with your fire to New England? We are so dry here. Several churchs will attend including a Jewish Ministry. Please reply soon if the Holy Spirit talks to you. Thank you, Your sister in Yashua Messiah.