Valerie, 5.22.06

I was going to church i belief in Jesus Christ the bishop assign mister Seon to be pastor for about 2 month than sat him down then he Seon leave the half of the follow Seon seen to be a good pastor but i had a boyfriend i thought we might get married so i was not going to stay in the relationship if God will was not going to done Seon told me God know my heart then he rebuke a controling spirit and lusting off me then i begin to see people with no clothes on my mind start to have nasty thoughts i thought God was punish me because i had a boyfriend i start dreaming about Seon standing over me and a sister in the church said she see snakes over so i start hearin snakes then a have bad headache seen then i feel like an evil spirit on me people dont like me they use me then say evil about me please pray with me.