Rita, 5.15.06

Please pray for me. Iam a pastors kid. I have two children, Rose and Harrison. They are addicted to Maryijuana, they do not see the bad in this. They are backslidden. Rose just completed her third year of University. She is not sure what her goal is, only to help our people, the First Nations people of this continent.

Harrison is a labourer and his is also intelligent. He has been hurt like Rose and I. The City of Winnipeg Police beat all three of us up two years ago. It happened when Rose was trying to help a young girl who was in a bad situation. Our court date is January 2, 2007. All three of us used to walk closely with the Lord. Now it seems that it is hard to do that because people in the church hurt all of us and we have trouble trusting.

I am in College taking a two year counselling course I graduate June 2007. I need to be in an organization where I can get 650 clinical hours needed for graduation. I pray for my family and classmates. So many things have been happening.

Rose's student summer job for example, there are spirits of children and adults where she works. Her job is a tour guide for Parks Canada. It has to do with explaining to people about our First Nation People of North America. The thing is, the spirits showing up at her work are Caucasian people. Please pray for us. We need believers who will interceed and we thank you in advance for this.

The Lord Bless you all.

P.S. Iam in agreement with your prayers.

God Bless, Sincerely, Rita