Lucia, 5.15.06

When did you know God had given you the prophetic gift? I have been saved and in a pentecostal church for over 20 yrs.

I got sick with Hep C a couple yrs after saved. Had a liver transplant 15 yrs ago and the Hep C is destroying this liver. Have 2 boys, 27 and 32. Both addicted to meth. 1 in prison. I could go on and on but my question to you is why so much pain, heaviness, depression, constant turmoil? I feel like I am on the outside looking in.

I have several friends that I have seen God use mightly thru the years but I feel stuck. I keep asking God what He wants to do with this life but I have no direction. My health has been taken, finances, children,family, seems like everything that was important to me is gone.

I have no energy left to fight. I was cring out to the Lord tonite, said "Help Me Lord!!" and the thought came to mind to look on the computer for "help Me Lord". Here I am. Why?

It seems like a stupid thing to do. look on the computer for help?!

I feel crushed on every side and dont feel I can go much longer. My heart is so heavy and broken for my children and my life which seems so wasted. I wanted to leave a legacy of faith. Im loosing hope. Please pray for me and my family.