Lori, 5.2.06

please grant me the strength to go forward, after 16 yrs of abusive relationship, with 4 small boys i finally left.it took a very long time to get on my feet. i met my angel, soulmate, bestfriend, partner. i took one look at him and i new he would be in my life. the last 8 years were wonderful, god took him much to early only 46 yrs old. i lost my house, i found a place. i need a deposit of 900.00 by 05/05/06. i work 2 jobs, go to school, try to be both mother and father. i feel i am ready to give up. i have been everywhere looking for a loan, i can not get any, because of my x, if there is anyone, who can help me. i promise i will pay you back how ever long it takes, or on 5/5/06 i will be in the street. please help!!!!