Lidya, Holland, 5.2.06

Dear Beloved Sister Elisabeth Ellijah Nikomia. Please pray again for my mother because she getting more worst. She also screaming very loud dirty words and she want to run away from house. The black magic and diabetes make her like that or what?In here I also always pray for her but why my beloved YAHUSHUA not yet give the answer.I know because HE very Holy but my mother very sinfull.And how because also I am so far with her I can not do much and only pray I can help.Please give me advice beloved sister how can help her.She was in Indonesia.This her address:_______________________.

All my family already give up they can not do much about her(my mother-Maria Mustiyohatn)'Many prist or pastor can not help her also in Indonesia.She was become Christian since 1977 but she never miss to go to church .She prever at home than go to church if I remember.Many time fighting with my father.And until now.My sisters and brother also can not help her even though they were on there.But if we pray the devil always speak trough her.That neighbour from my mother want to kill her by black magic that they send(devils said like that;name from neighbour was Kothib-Nyaminten:mouslem people)>Please help my mother on your prays my sister because she was very very suffering today worst suffer of her.And if you don't mine I want you give me e-mail address from 4 anointing woman from Holland.Thank you ,Very Much Ring Maiden of YAHUVEH.I love You,Very Much.I was only very humble one.I don't know how I must be thanks to you.Yesterday,Lidjusca just call me she also give me tlp no.And also sister Joannine speak a moment with me.They were all very sweet woman,I love very much also to meet them someday and also with you beloved one.YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA loved you+Your husband ,very much.I hope also HE will give a bit love to my parents(I will very happy).Thank you,My darling Apostle Elisabeth.I hope you will like to replay me ,very soon.Blessed You and Take care of you,forever.

please help me in pray because i also heard voice in my heart arround since 1998.also i ever dreams many time about the end of the world and many thing.onetime i see YAHU'SUAH smile to me on one night not in my dream but real.what happen in my life please help me and also now my mother still sick.i am indonesia women but i married with dutch.i have 2 kids.every kids get name from YAH'VEH.Imanuel and Michael and promisse me that HE(YAH'VEH) will give me the 3th one and must be give name Gabriel.Please help me in pray and explain me everything.Thank you very much.GOD with us.

My Belove apostle Elisabeth please help on your pray always my mother in indonesia still very sick from black magic and diabettus.She was very suffering almost 6 years she got this sickness.i am sorry that i can not type very good in english.Last dream i saw sun become nearer and i feel the earth shake very hard.i see also space ships landing on earth.some strange people forsed us people on earth to worship him.please that we always still only worship the true YAHUVEH.really verry scared me.What will become true all this?Thank you very very much. YAHUVEH alway bless you greatly Amin.

Please pray always for all of us and for me because I have a dream that I saw YAHUSHUA standing with an angel on the sky and I saw an angel blown the trumpet.I can saw very clear.And He try to warned people that He almost come very quickly.and then I wake up.Please pray apostle Elisabeth for me always because sometime when I wake up I became very afraid.And then again I dream many docters use special dress green with green cover on head and they were riding helicopter everywhere and force people to receive mark on head or hand.but I run and runing try to escape from them and then I saw gate/door make from grass and then I sudenly arrive some nice place full perfect peace and very beautiful.And then I wake up.What mean this dream but I pray very much that I and all my family will be not go to great trib.because really really very scared.Because you already received the very great anointing from YAHUVEH please help us to be not afraid for these all things.And please,also pray what mean all this?I also always pray for peace in Jerusalem and for 2 witnesses and all anemy go to winepress wrath of YAHUVEH and for you and all this ministry apostle Elisabeth.Thank you,very much for all your prayers for all bride of YAHUSHUA.You do very great job for Our YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and RUACH HA KODESH in the last this days.Its great miracle that God permit me to can go to your website(this Holly side)I am very Thanks GOD(YAHUVEH).HALELUYAH PRAISE HIM FOREVER.

Please pray that my mother want to sell house so she can solve the money problem and she feel better again.My mother live in indonesia,mojokerto outside city.The best from YAHA'SHUA that will be come,I hope in our pray.Thank you,very much.YAHUVEH bless you,very greatly Apostle Elisabeth.I love you in YAHUSHUA love.