Dee, 4.27.2006

Father God, in the Name of Jesus please place a "hedge of angelic protection" around Rob, Nick, Dee and our home; the entire battleground bringing Rob home.

Incapacitate and bind any resident spiritual force, which is opposing your will and the conversion of Rob to the Lord Jesus. Bind all the evil spirits which may enter Rob by means of Donna who is practicing fetish sex with Rob in Milwaukee. Rebuke and incapacitate any spiritual forces in the air, water, or earth which are in opposition to your kingdom.

Show grace and mercy to Rob & Donna who are guilty of social or economic injustice. Break and confound the spiritual forces involved with Rob and the hold Donna has on him through fetish sex. Break all Satanic and spiritual bondage involved with Rob and in the places he is living with spirit/occult worship, practice, and what he consumes and where sin is practiced.

Expose, reveal, confound and incapacitate the territorial and ruling spiritual forces present in Donna's home to Rob. Open Rob's Spiritual eyes and ears; humble Rob and let him not be prideful in his thinking of Dee & Nick.Cover Rob with the precious Blood of Jesus Christ and bring him home to Dee & Nick.Thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to guide Rob and Empower him to come home.

In the Name of Jesus Christ We Praise your Name and Give Thanks for Answering Our Prayers.