Yahne, 4.24.2006

I had sent this through your website, but also wanted to e-mail here as well.  I ask for your prayers for all the souls who will be saved in the city of Neillsville Wisconsin....

YAHUVEH has given me a vision for the city of Neillsville, Wisconsin, for the Torah to go forth in truth and love. I ask that the path be cleared, and for his anointed to be sent to build a strong foundation FIRST, to build strong solid teachings on HIS Torah, and to build strong leaders in this area.  It has primarily been a Catholic community run by masons.  The warfare has been great, but the spirit of the LORD YAHUVEH has given me insight in dreams, that HIS Word will go forth.

Please stand with me that all those involved will be protected and nourished in HIS mighty protection!  Thank you for your faithfulness to the Father through His son YAHUSHUA!