Lidya, Holland, 4.21.2006

Dear beloved Apostle Elisabeth.

Please,pray I can get anointing from sweet Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh) because I really, really love YAHUSHUA very very much. Also for 2 my little sons Imanuel and Michael and also for my husband Berry. Thank you,very much beloved one. YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA love you and bless you with all this ministry very greatly, of course also protected forever.

With much love in YAHUSHUA,
Lidya,Berry,Imanuel and Michael

* * * * * * *

Thank you very much for pray and blessing us my beloved apostle Elisabeth.I also give news aboute you to all my sisters and brothers and children and parents in Indonesia.because they also waiting for YAHA'SHUA come again soon.But so pity they very poor and simple never know about computer.One brother can but he must be go to cyberhome computer to read it.Because he not have one at home.

I want you also pray for them.

Lisda,Pitra,Lina,Marco,Gabriella.Angelita,Albert,Wiyoto,Nenes,Ayusta,and baby inside womb from Nenes.She was almost 2 month pragnent.Please pray for money and anointing them with real anointe from heaven and for my family in here also Berry ,Imanuel and Michael, and for me too.O ya also for my father Johanes and my mother Maria Mustiyohatin.My father in low in Holland will be operasi that I pray will be come succesfull and all OK in YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA name.And also I want to know Who always speak inside my Heart and say to me about manything .

Please explaine me who is bride and who is guesst.Thank you,very much.God Bless you My Beloved Apostle Elisabeth with very very greatly and this ministry.I love you,very much sister.Hope you wiil reply me so I am not confuse in the trueth way go to heaven to praise and worship and love our YAH in Heaven forever and forever.Thank you,very much .once again.

* * * * * * * *

Please also pray for my belove husband and my first son Imanuel(5 years old) and Michael(2 and a half years old)that all also can go to heaven. I already get the names from my sons before they were born.but YAHUVEH just say to me that I will continued my generation in heaven the 3th child that must be give name Gabriel.Because YAHUVEH will be soon bring us to Heaven.Very soon,very soon that I will be Come Lidya.Say to every people that everything from apostle Elisabeth is rigth because I ,YAHUVEH speak with her.You must be always contact her with your email Lidya.My beloved apostle Elisabeth I just here right now when I was typing.Please help me and my family in your pray.Thank you very very much.God bless you and your family so very very greatly.Ilove you,very much in YAHA'SHUA love.Nice greating from Holland.