Karen, Wisconsin, 4.21.2006

My husband, Chris, and myself are pastors and we are on a God-ordained sabbatical for 6 months. Please pray for God to reveal our new ministry in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I was told that the End-Time handmaidens have prophecied in our area that a great move of God would happen here. Also, that the Native Americans would experience revival. Also, please pray for our church(Northern Lights Christian Center) that a time of refreshing, a new anointing and that the Glory of God would fall upon our church. May our God abuntantly bless you!

My husband, Chris, and myself have been set apart by God and we have left The Salvation Army as pastors. This has been prophecied to us by at least 20 people (from 2003-2006). We are here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin to seek God's direction. We have been obedient to what God has told us to do. Please pray for our future ministry. The Lord told us that we would be part of a "change" up here in the Northwoods. Also, please pray for The Salvation Army because some of the high leaders have left their first love. They are more interested in money and numbers than the blessed people that they help. Our hearts are so burdened for them and they need a fresh move of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your prayers and I want to thank you for this ministry.