Catherine, 4.21.2006

I have had a vision and believe that God has asked me to speak. At the moment I will speak at my local church, on the 28 May 6pm Australia NSW time. Please pray that I will speak with the power of God and that God would be glorified. Many believe that I am too weak and roll their eyes when I say I believe that God has led me to share my testimomy.

They think it is only my testomy but it is so much more. Though I am weak I believe it is of God. I have been considerered weak because of poor communication skills. They were diognosed as a disability. However if Jesus opens your mouth you know you will be empowered to speak with power. He told me he would use my weakness for his Glory. I said how everyone is looking at my weakness. He said good, then when I shine who will they see. There seems to be such negivity toward me telling my story because it comes from someone so weak.. But I saw Jesus and I touched his hands and his feet.

He looked me in the eyes and said never doubt my love again. you have touched my hands and my feet in love they wiling surended. He said it is not about who you are you, but who I am. It is not about who you are but what I have done. It is not about who you are but who I am to you. It is not about who you are but who you are in me. The power you seek you already have, all you have to do is believe.

In what you lack I fill the gap, I complete you. After a time of deep trials, spiritual attack and victory in Jesus'S name, I came to realise his empowering love, total acceptance and power I that had inherited as a believer. Power to demolish strongholds and break the chains that bind. My identity in Jesus he and nothing else completes me. Power in his name. Then Jesus suddenly said it was time to speak because he had refined me by fire not only to prove it to him but to me.

It is time to speak by sharing this dream, and the Gospel based on the words of my saviour. Who is he (using the prophesy and fulfillment of scripture), what has he done, who is he to you and who are you in him. I have suffered beyone what I thought I could bear but now it is clear. I am called to speak because I am weak. Pleas pray, because I see many people coming to know Jesus but so many Christians stand in my way, because they think I am too weak to be used by God. It is just the begining. Dear God I surended my weakness, be glorified through me.