Would you be willing to put your job on the line to share the truth as Brian did? Read his letter to us below. Remember, we are to earnestly contend for the truth, no matter what the cost. How about you? Are you willing to pay the price?

Here's Brian's letter, received on 5-26-02.

"Last winter while doing the cleaning during winter break, there was so much Harry Potter stuff in this particular school, even the principal had little figurines on her [computer] monitor. Big poster on the Reading Specialist's door in the library, etc. Speaking of the library, while cleaning the back room (this is an elementary school), my eye lit upon a new book yet to be placed in circulation: 'Witch Mania.'

That did it.

I made 5 packets (copies) of "Who Is Your Potter?" I put one inside the 'Witch Mania' book, one on the principal's desk, one in the Reading Specialist's office (she had like a little shrine to Harry Potter!). Even the custodian was reading a hard cover edition. It was on his desk, so I put a copy in there.

This was all done at the end of an entire week of cleaning and nearly the last thing at the end of a shift.

So, two months later (about 2 to 3 weeks ago), I got this letter from Maintenance and Operations threatening me with termination, calling this religious propaganda, and even rephrasing/reiterating the same warning in a second paragraph. Needless to say, I really started praying about another job. I had already applied for Home Depot in February and it's taken 2 months to get hired.

What really cracks me up is that this letter also contained a rating system and I was rated a five - the top rating for performance!

So I'm so glad to not be working for [name of superintendent] and company."






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