Shandra, The Lightning Prophetess
Come Home My Wayward Children and Remove Yourself From Your Idols!

My wayward children, My dear children, why do you stray away so long from Me? Why are you following after seducing words and man-made idols, idols after your own making? Don't you know that you are grieving Me? Grieving My Holy Spirit for doing so? For you know My voice, yet you do not heed Me. You know My touch, yet you take My presence for granted. You know My will for your lives, yet you do not pursue it. Did My Word say that My Spirit will not strive with man (Genesis 6:3)? Did it also said that thou shalt have no other gods before me (Exodus 20:3)? For judgement is coming and it is coming soon! For as you try to please and pursue your idols, the things and persons who you put before Me, you are in danger of losing the anointing I placed inside of you, you are in danger of getting your name blotted out of the Lamb's book of life! You are in danger of being reprobate! For idolatry is a sin, and a GRAVE sin!

Why do you seek your own golden calves, the things of this world, the things of the flesh. For you lack time pursuing the things of the Holy Spirit yet you try to make time for the fleshy things that are not of importance. REPENT!!! FAST AND PRAY!! For judgement is coming soon! This is not a time to try to play with My Spirit! Choose Ye this day who you serve (Joshua 24:15)!! For there is a separation taking place, those who are holy and those who are unholy! For the holy will grow more holy and the unholy will grown even more unholy (Daniel 12:2-3)!

Stop pursuing those idols that are holding you back from Me! Come back to Me and repent and I will restore you! Come back to Me, for My arms are open wide! Come back to Me while there is still time for judgement is about to take place and the first place it will start in My house!

But My children, My true children, for you seek Me instead of the things of this world. You seek My will rather than your own will. You deny the flesh to seek more of My Spirit. For I had not forgotten about you. For you truly desire to be more like Jesus, you truly desire to go about Your Heavenly Father's business. For I say to you this day, greater dreams, and greater visions, as My Spirit shall be poured out again to those who are sealed by Me (Joel 2:28-32). To be empowered in these last days, to witness more to Me, to bring in souls for My kingdom. I will hide You in the secret place to be fed fresh manna from on high, to feed off of a deeper revelation of Me. You will speak My words of fire with holy boldness as you speak out My heart to the Nations. The words you will speak will not be your words but My words. For My words have power, power to uproot and to plant and to create and destroy. For the lines are drawn this day, who are you going to serve, Me or your idols of mammon? For I am about to destroy the idols and the idolaters this day.

Thus saith the Lord of Hosts

Given by His Handmaiden on 11.4.02 @ 10:06 am est.

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