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queen Dixon, November, 2, 2007
Seattle, Washington

Praise the Lord of Hosts, Hallelujah Continue following the Lord in your Ministry.

Michelle Pere , October, 22, 2007

I am so grateful for this site.rev elisabth,u are doing a wonderful thing.may YAHUSHUA continue to bless you and your ministry.i have found what i have been searching for all my life. be blessed.

Samuel, October, 19, 2007
Nairobi, Kenya

Continue please and God bless. Visit Africa.

Andrč Erasmus, October, 19, 2007
South Africa
I think it was God's Spirit that led me onto your website.
Since I start reading all your prophecies, I can't stop. I don't even know where to start. Since 2005 the Lord met with me in night visions to open the Bible for me. Several truths about the real world was given to me, and the one day I met with another man of God and he revealed to me that God showed it to him that my name is written on the last arrow which He will soon shoot into this world to save the world from going to hell. I was in the clouds and I knew that was the reason why I have to meet with this man.
I want to give out all the truth about His Word, that was given to me, but I don't know how to do it on the website to reach the people in time. Maybe you can asssist.
I also received that this truth will be the last true church of God before His coming was also talking about. Be blessed in God's Name for you are really an inspiration for me, as most of your revealings is similar to mine.

Leahtavita, September, 13, 2007

Renee Allmand, August, 12, 2007
Athens, Ohio
Praise Yahushua for this wonderful ministry. Bless you Elisabeth!
I have been reading the prophecies on this website since it was first created.
I am always thinking and praying for you! Lots of Love!

Casey, 10.7.06
All I can really say is WOW! I have been browsing the site for this entire week. Mostly I have been reading the prophecies. These compell me, and make me hungry to be used by the King of Kings! I plan to send an email or two in because I want to convey how much I am being blessed by this website ministry. It would be wonderful to have someone speak about the jewish ways at our Assembly of God church. Perhaps I will be used by Jesus when I get a proper handel on things? I will hope and pray!

Julie, 8.31.06
I would like to thank Rev. Elisabeth's ministry and Mary Baxter's book called Divine Revelations of Hell, because they helped me to finally realize that I have ONE LAST CHANCE to accept Lord Jesus Christ as my Messiah and to hand over my life to him or else spend eternity in a literal fire and brimstone Hell.

For the 1st time I realized that HELL really does exist in the center of the earth and that all non-born again Christians and non Christians really do end up in Hell. My entire outlook has really changed. Now whenever I wake up in the morning, I can see that most people that I see and meet will end up in Hell if they don't ever repent and become born again Christians. I now know that Lord Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to Heaven and that all religions that don't proclaim Jesus as Lord and Messiah are all false devised by Satan to deceive millions/billions of people to end up burning in Hell for all eternity with him.

In addition, I am no longer fooled by world religions, because I have learned that it is DANGEROUS to have an open mind to all religions in the world. In the past I was open minded to all religions in the world, except for satanic ones, but little did I know that all non-Christian religions in the world are really satanic disguised in "sheep's clothing". I also want to say to Rev. Elisabeth that I believe you are a true prophet of Yahu'vah.

Hector, 8.31.06

Gordon, 8.23.06
Bro and Sis Niko and Elisabeth Elijah,

I really am grateful to YAHUVEH for this ministry through you . I have learned so much. I want to send some financial support soon your way. I believe ELOHIM ADONAI as he speaks through you. But it is so "unconventional" in relation to the organized church of today. But I KNOW ADONAI YAHUVEH can do whatever He sees fit to do His wisdom and knowledge are PERFECT.

I'm praying to the LORD using His hebrew Names. It feels kind of strange at first after years and years of the anglo-grecian versions. I've told others who I know who care about the LORD about using His hebrew Names especially during the "reign" of the Antichrist as outlined in Prophecy 83. Already someone in my current church told me that there's an extremely rich church leader in Puerto Rico who has a large following who claims he's Jesus Christ. I can definately see now how one even "greater" can do the same.

I've submitted a prayer request to you a while back for my friend R. Andrew H. to receive YAHUSHUA as his Saiour and Messiah. I have no word on him now but will you please continue to keep him on your "prayer list". I will have to contact you shortly about those CDs on Hell you offered me awhile back. I've told my friend about Hell and gave him a print out on Mr. Bill Wiese's testimony of his 23 minutes in Hell by the hand of ADONAI. But the CD's would be an additional help.

I want so much to be a part of the Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. You two are like a John the Baptist crying in this Desert World to prepare for the coming of the LORD the second time via the Raptures!!!THANK YOU for your OBEDIENCE to ELOHIM.

Robin, 8.12.06
This ministry has changed my life. It has taught me repentance, holiness and faith in GOD's (YAHWEH's) promises. HIS Word means so much more to me now and I can now say I have a relationship with the Saviour. If you don't recognize HIS voice in the prophecies, pray that your ears and eyes will be opened and believe in faith that God(YAHWEH)and Jesus(YAHSHUA) will speak to you. May YAHSHUA, the Bright Morning Star, be glorified through this ministry!!!

Read Robin's testimony: Fast Food  Banquet

Phia, 8.6.06
Interesting. I would like to comment on Rita's post on the 24th of July. When I was reading about the visions you shared of the dome, the new Eden, and how Yahushua's loved ones were gathered in there before shooting up to the heavens, I was reminded of a dream I had years ago. I am not sure if it's related, but I will share it anyhow.

It was a bright day like any other day, people were going about their life. I was at a public swimming pool watching a little girl who was about 3 years of age playing in the pool. Although I had no idea who she was, I felt deeply attached to her like she could be my daughter. I found it odd because I was only about 18-19 years of age, and I was not married nor do I have a girlfriend.

I was watching her playing in the water and people were enjoying their day like any other day. Then all in a sudden, there was a big explosion. People started panicking and everyone ran to the left, while I took the baby girl and ran the opposite way.

It was a long narrow street which was dark, cold, and scary. However, I kept running with the baby girl in my arms. It got so cold that the baby died in my arms, and that was when I started to sob with great tears. I was confused and deeply mourning for the lost of this child I did not know, but felt so deeply connected with her. However, I kept running forward in which it seemed a very long time.

Then after a long run and still with the lost of the child in my mind, I came to a deep canyon separating the land. There was a small bridge and there I saw a a baseball dome across the bridge. Then came this woman whom waved at me as she knew me. Strange enough, I felt like I knew her intimately too as though she was my wife. However, I know I am single and know no woman intimately as I did of this woman in this dream.

She waved at me to come over and greeted me as though I had arrived late. At this point the child is gone from my arms, I was confused, and I was still grieved deeply for the lost of the child. I went over to her and she then took me up to two open seats which seemed to be reserved for the two of us. There were many people there and everyone was very happy. There was a great white light in which everyone was staring towards. It was so great, that it was as though the light was in your face. All you see is this pure great white light.

Then the dream ended.

Queen, 8.6.06
But i currently reside in washington state..let me pray with you now my sisters and brothers in christ..Our father, in the name OF JESUS CHRIST, bless this ministry that millions of souls may be saved and you father may be glorified.strengthen my brothers and sisters in Christ and bless them and keep them, I love you all. In the name of JESUS CHRIST, MY LORD AND SAVIOUR. AMEN

Kellie, 8.6.06
I am believing God for a soul mate and saying your prayer Bone of My Bones and will also give to a friend. Both myself and my friend Melinda Peters have been in abusive marriages and are now divorced and we need Jesus help and deliverance from the insecurity and financial problems left to us. Thank you for this website and God Bless You.

Dr. Dennis, 8.6.06
I have looked at your website off and on over the last few years. I have learned many things from it. I have been a Christian for 54 yrs. See you in Heaven.

Joy, 8.6.06

Sherrie, 8.6.06
I found your website not intentionally. However, I must say that God has given you instructions that only He can give. I will pray for you, family and your ministry.

I feel the same for Oprah. She has made herself a god. Oprah had a tour around the US to provider self esteem etc. to women that attended. Some of the women paid a very high price to see Oprah, one paid $10,000 for a ticket. Oprah's comments was, and I quote, "I don't think that I would pay $10,000 to see Jesus Christ." She only has people on her show that believe in a god or everything else but the true living God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

I am a black woman, saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. I am not angry with you about what you have stated about Juanita Bynum. She is now married and appears to be different. This just indicates to me that we must continue to study the word of God and show thyself approved. I thank you and have already shared your website with others. Pray for me that I be what God has ordained me to be. I love God and am so thankful for His Son shedding the blood for my sins. This spiritual walk is REAL and I will live to proclaim the works of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they are beautiful.

Be blessed, Sherrie.

Norma, 7.30.06
I write Christian poetry and I want to submit a poem to you Elisabeth and Niko.

When God is in the Boat

Based on the New Testament passage in Mark 4: 35 - 41
By: Norma W. Beaird, Copyright 2004

Upon a sea called Galilee, a boat was found one night,
Filled with the twelve disciples and their Savior Jesus Christ.

This boat had sailed into a storm and waves began to roll,
Fear struck the men hand-picked by God and terror filled their souls.

And as the rain and wind grew strong, the Lord was fast asleep,
For He was in control of what seemed like a mighty need.

For His disciples only saw the crashing of the waves,
They only felt the stormy blast, but not one drop of faith.

Then as the storm sent violent winds, they went to find the Lord,
For when the storm is at its worst, you need to trust Him more.

They woke the Lord and then He found disciples gripped in fear,
Why must they worry, storms don't last when Jesus Christ is near.

For near He was, they soon would know that faith in God is real,
The waves may toss and winds may blow till Christ says "Peace, be still".

And "Peace, be still" is all it takes to calm the storms of life,
To move a cloud that hides the sun and change to day from night.

The Lord desires to calm your storm when you are at the end,
Of what seems like a dead-end road; He'll clear the skies again.

So when your boat is tossed by waves and rain begins to fall,
You will not drown if you will pray; the Lord will hear your call.

For it is in the hard times when we learn to trust in God,
And understand Psalm 23, that He's our Staff and Rod.

And it is in the midst of storms, we see what God can do,
Our flesh may see a sky of grey, but faith sees skies of blue.

My friend, it's on a battered ship when waves are growing rough,
That we can feel a perfect peace and presence of His love.

But faith must be our guest on board when all else seems to fail,
For God won't navigate off course this ship of life I sail.

So never let what you may see determine where you'll go,
You know your ship will never sink when God is in the boat.

Diane, 7.26.06
I have found you sight to be up lifting. I was confirmed as a Prophetess this week.

Angela, 7.26.06
As I periodically read through the updated prayer requests, and guest book entries, it is amazing to see how this Holy Anointed Site is reaching around the world and touching people's lives. So many requesting intercessions, knowing Dear Elisabeth, and others truly care and intercede for them because they carry the very Love of Yah'shua for them. To all of you, Yah'shua knows about everyone's problem and situations. I pray against all the confusion and ask God to give you Wisdom and Direction in Yah'shua Name.

Sincerely, Angela

Lidya, 7.26.06

Really become true now day by day Indonesia get judgment from our beloved YAHUVEH.Desasters happen everywhere and every Island also. Volcano,Tsunami,earthquake,flooding,fire,dryland oh so manything.But even like that they now were not believe that you but not you but our YAH that speak through you,beloved apostle.But I do still that i read or I heard from you is right and true.Mounten in Island Lombok devide become 2.Lava make flood in Sidoarjo City.Tsunami in Hindia Ocean.4 Mounten just almost eruption in Java Island.Fire make finish houses from people in Kalimantan Island.Flood in Sulawesi Island 200 people dead.Aceh before also tsunami 120.000 people dead.Earthquake Yogyakarta 5350 people dead.Oh beloved one what is this all not yet give proof that really really YAHUSHUA almost come,especially that one brother that also read your website.He said only God Father know the time is.And how we all the bride can preparing if we not know the time is.And many friends also didnot believe your website also.And all this make me very sad so deeply,darling apostle.And i was so crying when pray.Why they were not believe and not preparing for they say if they were also love YESUS(YAHUSHUA ha MASCHIACH).Please,explaine me and maybe also other prophets can help me in my problems.Thank you very very much I will never forget everything that holly people that always speak true by listen HOLY SPIRIT(RUACH ha KODESH).I still love you ,apostle ELISABETH.Thank you,very much.Also I still always pray for you.

Tyler, 7.26.06
I recently listened too the "Citizen in Hell" song. I have never been so freaked out in my life. It was 1:00 pm when I heard it so it's broad daylight out yet I still have all the lights on.

Woman of God, 7.26.06
may our Father and His precious Son and the Holy Spirit continue to bless you and the ministry ..thank you for your obedience.

Rita, 7.26.06
I have dreams that come true day and night visions and super natural things happen to me and here latley alot of wispers very interesting words.

Rebecca, 7.26.06
I have dreams that come true day and night visions and super natural things happen to me and here latley alot of wispers very interesting words.

Lillian, 7.26.06
May the Lord bless you and continue to use you in such a powerful way. I speak a blessing over your ministry and your life. in Jesus name.

Barbara Gilbert, 7.24.06
Dear Brothers and Sisters in YAHUSHUA,

Are you truly ready fo what YAHUVEH is revealing? The milk of the breast is about to be taken away and the solid meat of His Word is now coming forth. Those who walk in the Ruach Ha Kodesh with YAHUVEH will hear of this future things. Things that have been hidden is being revealed as Paul had the Good News revealed to him. Are you mature to furthere understand these hidden truths? YAHUVEH still has truths hidden to be revealed in this days. The cloud of YAHUVEH is moving, are you willing to move with the cloud or stay in a box of traditions and doctrines?

Remember the first century Church had no New Testament for a refrence book. They only had the Ruach Ha Kodesh, Apostles, and the Torah to lead the way and they turned that world upside down. How blessed we are. We have the Holy Bible as the instruction manual and the Ruach Ha Kodesh is still the teacher to those who will listen. YAHUSHUA is pouring out the best wine last. Who are going to be the partakers of this wine? The Bride!!!!!

YAHUSHUA is now pouring out the new wine and the Ruach Ha Kodesh is revealing. I stand in awe at what the Ruach Ha Kodesh has revealed. I pray that before you read any futher that you take off any rose colored religious glasses and mind set you have in you finite mind about YAHUVEH. Also heed the warning that the Ruach Ha Kodesh is giving. I am only a faithful servant that walks in the Ruach Ha Kodesh with YAHUVEH and records as He directs. YAHUVEH gives knowledge in the manner He chooses, it is not according to human logic. YAHUVEH changes not, He will speak through those who will walk with Him in the Spirit being in truth and love. For you to receive all the YAHUVEH wants to reveal, you muct never limit YAHUVEH by your thinking. You must be totally yielded to the Ruach Ha Kodesh.

What you are about to read is YAHUVEH's message in clarifying the truth that has been distorted by man's finite thinking and what he believeds. (There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death. Prov 14:12) Man has created many paths through denominational churches, selecting only the parts of the Bible that suit his thinking, and trying to interpret YAHUVEH's prophecies with his finite mind. Through these things in man's mind he is correct. The only thing man has accomplished is to put YAHUVEH in a box. With YAHUVEH in his box, man limits YAHUVEH working in his life by the dimensions of his mind. Brothers and Sisters there is more that YAHUVEH will reveal to those who seek the truth and are ready to move on to further understanding.

Wake up and hear what YAHUSHUA is saying through His Prophets. Elisheth and others like her. The Bride must be My servants and serve as I served. They must not exult themselves. They are to comfort the poor in spirit, to lead the lost sheep of the world into My Kingdom feeding them My truth without compromise. Only the humble like Elisaheth will be allowed to serve. The unruly stiff necked deceivers will be brought low. I YAHUSHUA am and will be the head and the leaders I have appointed will keep order by My authorty. With order, My judgments will be seen without delay. My Bride will be My chosen ones covered by YAHUVEH cloud. They will move as I move and obey the spirit being the new perdson drinking the new wine. My Bride will be made ready.

To those of you that will not hear what the Ruach Ha Kodesh says throw my Prophet Elisabeth and those that stand with her. Those that come against her and pray for her death. I say this unto you.

"I am the Lord God YAHUVEH. Man's thinking and interpretation of My propheies written in My Word and what I give My prophets today does not apply. I am the ruler of the universe. Man can speak many things and be upset at things happening in this world believing he is correct in his thinking with his finit mind and be totally in error. I have always had prophets and I will continue to send My prophets among My people to speak My truths so that they will have knowledge. As long as My children refuse to know Me, My prophets will always b scorned and laughed at. Beware of raising your hands or your voice against My prophets. I will judge you for not fearing Me and hearing what my Prophets are saying.

My prophets like Elisabeth walk in unity with Me, listen to Me and speak what I reveal to them. Yet you come against them thinking you know much yet you do not know Me. I will judge you for not knowing Me. Who made you so smart? It was not I, because your eyes are blind and your ears are deaf. You are just the opposite of My prophets. You are stubborn, quick to anger and accuse My truths as being lies and not lining up with My Word. Jonah spoke My truth. Did it come to pass? No, because the people listened and repented. But you won't listen and apply what My prophet Elisabeth speaks. I will judge you in this day for all to see.

Life and death are in the words you speak. What do you love, life or death? My prophets speak truth and life today as they have in the past. Blessed are those who listen to My prophets. Seek Me to receive more understanding and come into maturity. Then more blessings will flow into your life and you will then be a member of My Body for the end of this age. Beware, those who curse My prophets will be judged and will suffer those judgments as they walk untill repentance comes.

Heed these words. You have been warned. If you do not believe I am YAHUVEH the absolut ruler of My Kingdom and you fear Me not, you will see my judgments come upon you in one day. If you belive and hear, then read and receive knowledge and wisdom so you may be prepared. Don't take what I have spoken by My prophet Barbara with lasciviousness. You have been warned."

This was given to me on July the 8th. I was told to send this out for there are some who are come against Elisabeth My prophet. They even pray for her death.

As I was praying this word came I will stand against those who stand against My prophets and Elisabeth is MY PROPHET. YOU STAND AGAINST HER YOU STAND AGAINST ME.

BE WARNED, BE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rev. Barbara Gilbert

Rita, 7.24.06
I have been reading along in your site, the Lord Jesus Christ I believe had directed me to your site. I also have many prophetic dreams and visions.

Your son's dream/vision about the dome and the garden of eden nabbed my eye as I have had visions of a dome just above our air space yet in the same space, the stars from heaven lined up perfectly in a circle in our atmoshpere as things took place both on earth and in and through this dome. There were horse like creatures swooping down at people as the people were running franticly to get away. There is much more to this vision, as it included other events to do with women and family members. I had this about 3 years ago.

Another thing that spoke to me was about 2 years ago one of the women in church herd God tell her that we were to marcha round the church, so a group of us began to march around the church as we did this I could see angels hovering and motion going back and forth over the church and things flying off from the building, the Holy Spirit told me not to look up or to look back, I was at the end of the line. We heard what sounded like an army marching with us. I am not sure how many times we marched but when one asked if we were done, I heard to march 7 times 7 (or 7 more times?) but none would listen to me as the elders felt it was done.

Everyone dispersed to different task except me. I new it was not done and felt that the Lord wanted me to stay so as I stood in the parking lot of the church one of the young girls came out to get some bibles out of the car, she was holding 3 of them. (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) she handed them to me.As I held 2 in one hand and one in the other the Lord began to reveal what was under the ground in our parking lot. I prayed and went inside when It was done. A man we had never seen before came into the parking lot and began to run a skate board up and down the church ramp.(The Lord had revealed at an earler lime it was a ramp that as people would go up it and come into the building they would be healed.) As he began to go up and down this ramp on a skate board one of the pasters children hollered at the man to get off. I ran out to tell her to stop because I felt he was sent there for healing! Immediatly a car pulled up the man jumped inside and left.

The next day at church service I was sitting there were so many angelic very large beings filling all the space in the church the seems of Heaven were open but many did not see it. I heard the trumpets of Heaven.When I told the pastors they laughed at me. I have tryed to share many of the awesome things the Lord is doing but and pushed by the way side often. I have ful understanding of why and I am greived for them because they are missing so much.

My husband and I have been ordained by Jesus to go out and share the Good News with those in nursing home,homes and on the streets, we were called out at the church as evangilist and cast out at the same time. The Lord gave our ministry the Nikao Foundation ( Which is still in process)the ministry He called The Nikao Traveling Chapel. We continue to spread that which the Lord tells us just as you are doing nowing that Jesus Christ reigns and He is coming back very very soon. We will pray for you and your family. Stay bold in the Lord and know that you all are touching even the ends of the earth. God Bless You.

Garden of Eden Dome

Dream starts...

He sees the dome of the rock. He sees underground his vision sees down past metal pipes, bones, very very far down and it was like he was a camera and he could see underground and all of a sudden it stops. He sees a gigantic dome with the garden of Eden inside of it . Two gigantic angels are inside with wings spread and they are holding the dome closed so the garden of Eden cannot be entered even if found. There is a force field that the angels create to make sure the dome stays closed .The dome itself is like the force field.

[The Garden of Eden, a perfect environment created by YAHUVEH for His people. It has been hidden since the fall of man, in a figurative sense, because nothing like it has existed on earth since then. When Satan took control of this planet, becoming the "god of this world," our planet has been under a curse. The forces being controlled by the devil have used inventions meant to make this planet a Garden of Eden again to instead kill and destroy. So the garden being hidden and guarded by angels indicates something being held back from man until the right time. It could not exist now because it would be defiled by the curse upon this world.]

There are so many animals and plants that my son never saw before.

[The earth will be replenished with all the animals and plants that first existed plus many more we have never heard of nor seen.]

There are two men one looks about 900 years old and has a long white beard, the other looks about 20 years old, and both wear Yamaka's and despite the age they both look the same minus the beard and the age. Same eyes, nose, expression. He is guessing about the exact age. He wondered if it was Noah for some reason. These men speak in a strange language to each other, maybe Hebrew. My son could understand these words "HE IS COMING" how he understood this language he doesn't know. He thinks it could be Hebrew.

[The Garden of Eden is symbolized by these two men as something very old and something very new.]

The men stopped talking , the dome started shaking underground it started raising up to the surface through the bones and pipes then it started coming to the surface and lifted up the building of the dome of the rock. Then he saw the building of the dome of the rock explode and instead now stands the Dome of the garden of Eden in Jerusalem.

[This is a LITERAL explosion as well as a symbolic one. The PLO will blow up the Dome of the Rock sometime in the future, blame it on the Israeli government, and use it as an excuse to start a war. Arafat let the plans for this slip out during an interview on CNN. When he realized what he had said, he took off his mic, stood up and left the studio. This explosion symbolically represents the removal of these violent people who have been struggling against YAHUVEH's people and the heralding in of peace. That the Dome of the Rock is seen right over the Garden symbolizes how the enemy of God's people have been suppressing peace, but it will be removed soon.]

People were staring at it and the force field lifted and the angels went to the entrance so no one could get through. The gigantic angels held 2 flaming swords to prevent anyone coming into the Garden of Eden. But The plants started getting bigger and the vines came out of the dome and started shooting through Jerusalem , plants grew everywhere and hundreds of animals multiplied inside the Dome of the Garden of Eden. My son says the angels yelled something when this was happening HAKERA is what it sounded like hock her a short ah ... and lots of people saw a bright flash in the sky, some people disappeared and reappeared inside the Dome of the Garden of the Eden from around the world. The force field reappeared on the the Dome of the Garden of Eden then it shot into the sky, taking all that love YAHUSHUA /JESUS with them. Then he saw Heaven and the people exited the Dome of the Garden of Eden.

[The new Garden of Eden is Heaven.]

This young boy is 13 years old and still prefers to call YAHUSHUA Jesus, so I have included that spelling for this reason alone.

More from a Prophetess...

Prayed about it and YAHUSHUA told me that to look in Revelation chapters 20-22 and Chapter 4. Not only that I went back into the millennium dream a month or 2 ago, and they are similar...So what does this mean?

While doing this, I was hearing audibly from YAHUSHUA, here's the audible. The Garden of Eden is the seed for the New Jerusalem. The dome of the Rock was built knowing what is underground. The angels guarding the Garden of Eden, that the abomination of desolation will come there (the dome) first and try to find it. He knows that he couldn't find it so he bankroll the campaign to destroy the dome. The 2 men are symbolic of the 2 witnesses and also the 2 messengers that believed to come near the return of Messiah, YAHUSHUA. I am hearing Him say Moses and Elijah on this.

The people disappearing ended up in the dome in Eden. Is it symbolic of another audible word that was given to you Sherrie? For I'm hearing the words: first one rapture another for those that I love. Is this is the real rapture? For everyone appeared here and bolted to heaven.

Also this is also again physical and symbolic of the restraint of the Ruach HaKodesh. For once the bride is taken out of the world, then the tribulation and the antichrist will be revealed.

The Garden is kept holy because it is a holy seed of the Heavenly Jerusalem and remember, the New Jerusalem is the abode of the redeemed.

This is all that was given for now, if there is additional, I'll send it to you. I'll post the dream to some Yahoo groups and to see more interpretations of it.