Apostle Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia

February 9, 2000!

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I KNOW this, if the Church keeps following after every sign, wonder, and miracle, then they are in grave danger of being fooled by the Anti-Christ! For he will do greater signs, wonders, miracles than we dreamed possible! Beware this GOLD FEVER REVIVAL is the beginning of IT!

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Where is the FAITH in this GOLD FEVER REVIVAL? Don't take my word on it, lay down your pre conceived ideas and ask the HOLY SPIRIT to show you. He showed me with Welts and bruises and deep scratches! HE will show
those who really want to discern the truth!

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I received an email from a Pastor in Chicago and he was saying that he applauded my step of boldness to post the prophecies concerning what GOD has given to me as "GOLD FEVER REVIVAL." He believes what is spoken and written in that prophecy to be the LORD warning about this manifestation. Pastor Gary went on to say that Ruth Heflin is coming to his Church in March. He was grateful for the warning GOD has prophesied from me under the anointing.

Ruth Heflin was a promoter and helps bring this manifestation of GOLD FEVER REVIVAL into the Churches around the WORLD.

I did not respond as I was pondering what was said. Instead I went and rested on the couch and it was past midnight. My son was still awake. I felt led of the LORD to watch TBN and was blessed with a man who is sculpting the statues for TBN. I listened and admired the beauty of the Bronze 18-foot statue of Jesus coming back on a horse. I listened as he said he had personal problems in his life and called a friend to confide in and the friend for the first time told him about Ruth Heflin.

I listened as he said when he hung up his statue, it was covered in metallic gold flakes, and so was his shirt and pants and even his socks.  He called his wife to come and see and she also had been covered in these gold metallic flecks. I listened as he went on to say that he sent away the Metallic Flecks to be analyzed at a university. He named the University but I forgot it. He said his friend was NOT a Christian so he would not be prejudiced one way or another. He said that the metallic Gold flecks were oil based and some sort of Plastic.

I listened as a vision was related by the sculptor and he said someone had a vision that Jesus' horse was so anxious to return and Jesus was saddled on it and the horse is pawing Heaven's streets of GOLD and particles are falling through the atmosphere on certain people. I listened as he said some of these flecks are GOLD, SILVER, BLUE, and RED if I remember correct. I know for sure GOLD and SILVER.

I listened as Paul said, "It took allot to convince this Dutchman." Then Paul showed a photo of him with his index finger covered in gold metallic flecks, taken at another time. Then I listened as and watched as the sculptor started saying, "Look at the coffee table it is appearing now and on the Bible!" I watched Jan's expression and she didn't appear to have peace or be able to see what the sculptor was seeing and Paul said it was because the camera's couldn't pick it up.  Then more and more came and Jan said she could see it.

I listened and my son age 12 listened and we watched. When it was over I prayed out-loud for a sign that this movement I had just witnessed was it a genuine movement of GOD or counterfeit of the devil! I asked for a sign for I said LORD if this is of you then I know the prophesies I have shared with the people must NOT be true and I must remove them and repent before GOD and the people. I said I know that every genuine gift has a counterfeit. I asked for the HOLY SPIRIT to please show me. (I started feeling a burning coming on my forehead and ignored it) I asked for a sign for my Son also.

Immediately my young son started yelling and brushing off his skin like it was on fire! He was yelling MOM you did this you prayed for a sign NOW get this EVIL OFF OF ME! I said no way it couldn't be and calm down maybe this isn't evil maybe mom is wrong. He said NO it is EVIL and GET IT OFF OF ME! I told him to come to me and let me see, he did. I saw on his arm SILVER metallic flecks in square shape, just like the sculptor had said - it was usually perfectly square shaped. I saw my son brush them off and more appeared! I prayed and covered him with the shed blood of Jesus (YAHUSHUA). I said to my son it would be all right and GOD will show me whether this is evil or not. My son said YOU KNOW IT IS EVIL AND MOM YOU HAVE SOME ON YOUR ARM ALSO!

Sure enough I looked down and on my LEFT arm between the elbow and the wrist I had some SILVER METALLIC GOLD FLECKS OF VARIOUS SIZES! I wanted to keep this evidence so my son got the cellophane tape and we put it on the tape and still have it ...lots of them!

I again looked at my arm and as these Silver flecks kept appearing on my Left arm. I am left-handed, also my forehead was burning like matches were on the skin. I asked my son to check my forehead and tell me if any was on there? He said NO.

Then I looked again at my arm as my son watched and we have PICTURES of this, my arm in the identical places where the silver flecks were appearing were 4 deep claw like marks...deep scratches and I know I didn't scratch myself...THEY HAD TURNED INTO DEEP RED WELTS! Also above my wrist was 2 deep bruises the size of a dime! Something had touched me and left these marks and it wasn't the HOLY SPIRIT!

I brushed off the flecks before I thought of taking a picture of them, but I did save some. I only had a disposable camera and only able to take ONE picture so I had my son take a picture of the DEEP WELTS and bruise and Claw like long scratches, for evidence.

I covered my body in the Shed blood of YAHUSHUA and did some spiritual warfare for my Son and I and kicked the demons back to the place they came from taking this EVIL manifestation with it! No one can convince me NOW that I am wrong about this GOLD FEVER MANIFESTATION! As it touched my body and the devil tried to deceive me the HOLY SPIRIT exposed this EVIL MANIFESTATION from the pits of HELL once and for all! My prayer is GOD would do this for EVERYONE following and believing this sign is from HEAVEN, but instead GOD is using me again to WARN THE PEOPLE!

What you do with this warning is up to you! I warned the man who wrote me about Ruth Heflin coming to HIS church and called him and he taped my conversation and will pass it on to the other elders and share with his church! I warned the next day the Pastor from Australia that I will be going to minister with for minimum of 2 weeks this year and he told me he never did have peace this movement was of the HOLY SPIRIT and it is all around Australia now! He is going to warn his congregation and offer prayer for those that I discerned and warned had already witnessed this GOLD FEVER REVIVAL!

I KNOW this, if the Church keeps following after every sign, wonder, and miracle, then they are in grave danger of being fooled by the Anti Christ! For he will do greater signs, wonders, miracles than we dreamed possible! Beware this GOLD FEVER REVIVAL is the beginning of IT!

I did NOT call TBN yet. I must reach Jan and Paul Crouch's secretary and tell them what happened. Pray they will listen for they are held accountable. I have REPENTED for anything negative I said about them, and I love them. I believe that they have unknowingly brought this movement to others and me. For some reason just the mention of Ruth Heflin's name sometimes triggers this event, I cover that name now with the Shed blood of YAHUSHUA! NO manifestations can occur if I show my evidence or speak that name when this is posted. I know this is contagious! It wasn't until I saw my Son's Silver flecks that mine appeared. It wasn't until the Sculptor pointed out the gold flecks covering table and statue that it manifested! Is there a genuine to this movement? I don't know! I find it hard to believe that GOD, who says in the bible, "We are to walk by faith not by sight" - is doing this when GOLD is what MAN lusts after! Also I find it strange that the GOD of CREATION would not CREATE new teeth instead of putting gold fillings or turning a tooth into GOLD

I find it strange that the explanation of this GOLD FEVER MANIFESTATION
is of a horse owned by Jesus - pawing the streets of GOLD in Heaven. If it was analyzed to be oil based and some sort of plastic, why wouldn't it be the PUREST GOLD if it were from heaven?

I highly doubt GOD wants US to be bringing flashlights into church to peer into others mouths as a sign JESUS is turning teeth into gold fillings or gold teeth. And yet even Benny Hinn is embracing this movement and EVERY top Spiritual leader! Once again I find myself on the outside looking in and I am going to be very unpopular as I speak out again AGAINST this movement!

Satan thought he would DECEIVE me and I would ENDORSE this MANIFESTATION and instead the HOLY SPIRIT has me EXPOSING this manifestation and WARNING ABOUT IT! What you do with this warning is between you and the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

I want to end this by saying I believe the HOLY SPIRIT has shown me that this is manifested ALCHEMY and SORCERY!

I will call TBN as instructed to do, just agree that I reach the Secretary and she will pass on this warning to Jan and Paul Crouch who I BELIEVE do not know this is a evil manifestation. I believe Paul and Jan if they pray on what I have said will have their eyes opened. I have NOTHING to gain by speaking out against this movement in fact I only lose more support for this ministry and gain more grief for me. I am held accountable for what I know and NOW I have shared it.

I have NOTHING against Ruth Heflin and don't' know the lady. I am believe that the sculptor, Jan, Paul, Benny Hinn, and other top spiritual leaders, the very elect, are being deceived. We the Church should be about SOUL REVIVAL not GOLD FEVER REVIVAL and teaching that faith is the substance of things hoped for, not the evidence of things to be seen. Where is the FAITH in this GOLD FEVER REVIVAL? Don't take my word on it, lay down your pre conceived ideas and ask the HOLY SPIRIT to show you. HE showed me with Welts and bruises and deep scratches! e will show those who really want to discern the truth!

If there is a genuine movement of this GOLD FEVER REVIVAL I have not yet
been shown it. When I am I will let you know.

Offending some, enlightening others in the name of YAHUSHUA,
Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah

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