Section Recently Updated: Wolves

W = Wolves/phony Christians are spoken about here
S = About Sunday worship, violation of 4th Commandment
- A -

   Are you Pro-Life...or Pro-Murder?
   Please! don't abort your unborn child.

  Messages From Niko and Elisabeth
Appearance of Archangel Michael

Angie Ray
   W Put many under demonic bondage!

   Judgment Is Coming!

   Visitation of Three Angels
   Elisabeth, Son, Protected In
   Car Crash
   Angelic Messages (Rapture)

Anointed Messages
   Entries going back to 2001.

   W Sunday churches leading way
   Beware The Spirit of
   Turned Away

Ark of the Covenant

Art Gallery

   It's One Minute Until Midnight
   About The Painting

Ask Dr. Jenny

- B -

Bennie Hinn
   W False Prophet


   A bit dated but good articles herein.

Bone of My Bone Ministry
   Are you seeking your soul mate?

Pat and Oprah are
linked together. Both
have left their first
love. Both need to
repent and
come back to Him.
Boone, Pat
   Fall from grace

Bridegroom, The
   Latest Audible Messages
   Donna's Email
   Meaning of Rosh Ha Shanah, The
   What If Rosh Ha Shanah Is The Day That I Come?
   YAHUSHUA, We Are Your Bride,
    We Wait For You!

Bynum, Juanita
   W False Prophet

- C -

Children - (Missing)

   It's not nice to counterfeit YAHUVEH'S creation!

- D -

W Daniel, Zeph & Trish

Da Vinci Code
W Do NOT Read The Book Nor See The Movie!

DeMario, Tari
W Phony Christian

Demon Stompers
It's time to stomp rather than being stomped!

Dreams and Visions
Elisabeth and Prophet Boy Elijah
W Obedience/Holy Sabbath

- E -

   It's Time To Soar!

   Prophecies, dreams and audible words on your desktop!

Elijah The Tishbite NOT one of the two witnesses!

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah - INDEX
   Testimony   |  En Espa?ol
   W 6.2.2005 Message
   "I will do all that I promised to do!"
   14 Year Anniversary of Ministry
   News from Canada
   Anointing of the Ruach Ha Kodesh
   Emptying of the old wine...
   Man calls me a false prophet...
   Spiritual realm rocking & reeling!
   Ministry partners, thank you!
   Bride of YAHUSHUA changing!
   On the road w/ Shkhinah Glory
   Secrets for a closer walk with...
   Great intimacy with YAHUSHUA in...
   Emails from radio listeners
   A Word of Hope For The...
   Radio broadcast archives
   Warning dreams
   More dreams and visions
   W Demon Stompers!
   W When YAHUVEH roars, listen!
   2005 Sukkot message
   Don't quit and give up
   Why I now go by the name of...
   Anointed in Hawaii
   Elisabeth's welcome message
   Liquid Holy Ghost fire...   |  More
   No more lone rangers
   Certificate of Ordination
   Has this ministry been a blessing?
   Who will be part of this revival?
   Returning the love seven-fold
   Elisabeth's burned arm is healed
   Be the answer to our prayer...
   Don't be smug in your salvation
   Starving baby dream
   Thank you for helping this ministry!
   This ministry's statement of faith
   Are women called to preach or...

Email Blessings
   W Emails we love receiving

Enoch - The Book

  Messages From Niko and Elisabeth

- F -

Flash Movies
   Bridgegroom Cometh Quickly,
   Eclipses, The
   Second Coming, The

Food For Thought
   Where Are Our Priorities?
   YAHUSHUA, Wanted For...

Foreign Pastors - Emails

Flu Shots - Do Not Get One

- G -

   Beware of the deception

   Let us hear from you

Guest Prophets
   Visions and dreams from around the world

- H -

   This is a Satanic holiday

   How and why to celebrate
   Hanukkah Card 2005

Happy Birthday! and Elisabeth 2006!

Hawkins, Yisrael
   False teacher and prophet, House of YAHWEH

    Will you be going there?

Hebrew Bible

Hell - INDEX
   All Aboard
   Audio Files
   Brian's Poem
   Citizen in Hell
   Digging To Hell
   Finally Saved
   Hell's Decline
   Lake of Fire, The
   Reservations Please
   Soul Battle
   Terror of Hell
   To Hell and Back
   How Can I Be Saved?

Hinn, Bennie
   W False Prophet

Holy Ghost Jukebox
   Nice Jewish music
   Download Zip of MIDI Files

House of YAHWEH, The
   Leader: Yisrael Hawkins

- I -

   Is it a harmless, peaceful religion?

- J -

Jasher, Book of - Book of

Jason & Jonathan - The Twins

Juanita Bynum
   W False Prophet

- K -

   Welcome committee for the False Messiah--the Antichrist!

Keith, Woody
aka Zeph Daniel

King Is Coming!, The
   The Lion of Judah!

- L -

Linda Newkirk
   W False Prophet

Lost Books of the Bible
   History of Susana
   Book of Jubilees
   Secrets of Enoch

- M -

Marriage Supper of the Lamb
    Are You Really The Bride?
    Urgent Notice

   They're still happening today

Kicked off TV!
Fined $5 Million!
Miss Cleo
   TV psychic/shaman

Music (MIDI)
   Holy Ghost Jukebox

- N -

Newkirk, Linda
   W False Prophet

- O -

    Is not legalism!

Open Letters
   Christian Rock
   SNuclear Attacks

Oprah Winfrey
   This is your last chance

- P -

   How and why we celebrate
   Lamb vs. Ham

Pat Boone
   In a metal mood

   Coming to America shortly

Planet X
   Is it headed our way?

Prayer Requests
   Let us pray for you

Prophetic Handmaidens

   Given Apostle Elisabeth Elijah
   Urgent! Hebrew Translator Needed!
   Proof Behind the Prophecies
   Zipped (EBook)

Prophetic Handmaidens

Prophetic Words
- See also Guest Prophets

Purim 2006
  Countdown to March 14-15

- R -

Radio Programs
   Watchmen & Channel Z Radio

   Are you ready to go?

Ray, Angie
   W Put many under demonic bondage!

Robert Schuller
   W Purveyor of False Doctrine

Rosh HaShanah 2007

- S -

Sabbath [also see Teachings]
   S Sabbath Changed By...
   S Keep the 4th Commandment!

Sacred Names
   Why we use them

   Don't Be Smug
   How To Have It

   Politically correct

Schiavo, Terri (Schindler)
   Memorial for the woman starved to death

Schuller, Robert
   W Purveyor of False Doctrine

Seal, The Ministry
   Background info

Search Engine
   Search this site for key words

Seventh Day Adventists
   Apology from Elisabeth

2nd Book of
   Adam and Eve

Secrets of

Shkhinah Glory (Bus)
   Greyhound, eat your heart out!

Songs Given to Elisabeth
   Still looking for the music

Spiritual Warfare
   We wrestle not against the flesh

Story of the Week

Suicide is NOT The Answer!
   Please do NOT kill yourself. Read this!

Sunday Churches W  (info on both main
    pages, watch for S on other articles)
   To Be Used For Worship of Antichrist
   Snooze, you lose!
   Keep the Sabbath Holy
   Demons Stompers
   YAHUVEH Roars
   Are you going to Heaven?
   Nikomia re: attacks against this ministry
   Are nuclear attacks imminent?
   The true Sabbath day
   Sabbath teaching
   Sabbath changed by...

   History of

- T -

Tanakh [see Teachings]

Tari DeMario
   W Phony Christian

  Sabbath, Tanakh, Torah
  Santa Claus
  Understanding The Basics
  Why Support The Apostles

Ten Commandments
  In Hebrew

Terri Schiavo
  Shame on you, Florida!

  Inspiring stories

  Book from the Apocrypha

Torah [see Teachings]

- W -

Winfrey, Oprah
   She's left her first love

The Lies and
Deception of
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing - INDEX
   Angie Ray
   Benny Hinn
   Juanita Bynum
   Hour of Power
   Kingdom Dominion Teaching
   Judgment Is Set
   Linda Newkirk
   Mantra Vs. Tongues
   Moon Crowned
   Pensecola Laughing Revival
   Robert Schuller

  Tares Who Seek To Destroy
  This Ministry...
  Zeph Daniel, Trish,
  Frank Kime, Jr., Tari DeMario
  (W indicates where they
  are mentioned elsewhere in these
   What Is Reprobate?
   Wolves Travel In Packs

Women Apostles
    Women As Teachers
    Female Prophets

Woody Keith aka Zeph Daniel

- Y -

Yahushua [see also Bridegroom]
   Greater Intimacy With
   Hem of His Garment, The
   Miraculous Satellite Image
   Who Is This YAHUSHUA?

YAHUVEH's Appointed Times
   First Fruits
   Unleavened Bread
   Lamb and Passover

Yisrael Hawkins
   House of YAHWEH

- Z -

Zeph Daniel
[Woody Keith]

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We are Sabbath-Keepers, Not Seventh-Day Adventists...
Please don't get confused. We do not endorse some of their doctrines although we believe they do love YAHUSHUA, also called in Greek JESUS CHRIST.

We believe in the rapture, we believe there is a hell eternal, we believe to be absent from the body is to be present with YAHUSHUA, also named in Greek JESUS CHRIST. Seventh-Day Adventists believe the lie of soul sleep. Remember the thief hanging on the cross who, because he believed on Him, was told by YAHUSHUA, "Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise." (Luke 23:43, KJV)

We know that Prophecy did not cease with Ellen G. White and Seventh-Day Adventists believe in Ellen G. White as the only prophet for today, though she is dead and what she prophesied did not come to pass.

We believe in Keeping the true Sabbath, for it is the 4th commandment, but we don't believe it takes the place of the saving blood of YAHUSHUA (JESUS CHRIST).

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