From Shari

"My prayer is for this precious ministry to stay posted on the internet and for your husband and yourself, along with others that help spread the gospel of JESUS, LORD YASHUA, all over the world. Thanks to bold saints of GOD like you stepping out and letting everyone know the truth.

My personal prayer is to learn about JESUS as much as possible, me and my family. And for the LORD GOD to help me fight temtation of one bad habit, smoking cigarettes, now for 8 years. I don't want to anymore. I started out of stupidity. I am now 34 years old, and to me, this is not right. Please pray for me that LORD YASHUA takes the very urge, taste, and temptation away forever. Also, I'm praying for this job that I already applied for. I'm praying, If it's GOD's will, that I get it. WE LOVE YOU MS. Elizabeth. May LORD YASHUA continue to bless you, your family, the ministry, and all the saints, until HIS blessed return. AMEN. Shari.

* * * * * * *

From Robin in Great Britain...

Shabbat Shalom beloved Sister in YAHUSHUA.

I thank you for replying to me.  It is a blessing to hear from you and I do appreciate that you have many many emails to reply to from all over the world.

On Mon 10th October I was praying that YAHUVEH would lead me to a website that would provide encouragement and help in these last days.  I have time at work to go on the internet and I am always looking at spiritual things. Cutting Edge Ministries was the first website YAHUVEH used to open my eyes about the state of the world and the things to come.

I was already aware of the anti-christ and one world government including the chip. But YAHUVEH has shown me so much that has moved me forward spiritually.

YAHUVEH led me to your website and it spoke with such power to me, like there was a strong anointing or something, that I got on my knees on the night of Mon 10th and gave my life to YAHUVEH in a way I have never done before. I have a love for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA like I have never known.  I want to spend time in prayer, reading the bible and have a deep desire for heartfelt repentance.

My prayers constantly ask YAHUVEH that my life would know the reality of Matthew 5:3-10.  I want to see fruits in my life that are pleasing YAHUVEH and honour YAHUSHUA.

It is tough going as I know the devil is aware of all this and he keeps coming at me, so strong sometimes that I feel overwhelmed.  I confess before you, my sister in HIM, that I have given into temptations that were dishonouring to HIM and an abomination in HIS sight, even since Mon.  Each time, I get on my knees and confess my wrong before HIM.  But I would rather NOT give into them and long to be free of them.  It is a daily battle.

I know I am saved but I am sick and tired of sometimes giving into temptations that I know I shouldn't.  I am fed up of sin and its ugliness.  But more than anything I am sick of things that are unholy.  The enemy is not to be underestimated this much I know and the minute we are off guard there he is.

I hate abortion, homosexuality and pornography.  My sister is a lesbian. My mum and dad (whom I still live with) celebrate christmas and easter. I have never agreed with Christians celebrating christmas or easter and now want to cut myself off completely from them. I also now take Fri sunset - Sat sunset as my Sabbath.

More than anything I have talked about so far, I want to be counted worthy to be part of the Bride.  I plead daily that the mercy of YAHUVEH, because of the blood and YAHUSHUA, would yet count me worthy to be apart of the Bride of YAHUSHUA.  I ask that my life would bring forth the fruits of repentance and holiness.

The attached pic hopefully summarizes where I am at.

I continue to pray for you daily, that you would know HIS peace in the midst of your storms, HIS protection from the snares of the enemy through the blood of YAHUSHUA, the blood that makes demons tremble. I know it is hard sometimes, especially when you are called upon to speak HIS words, but remember Moses.

Look at 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. Do NOT forget that your weakness is HIS strength.  HE will supply all your needs because HE has called you. Hold onto Philippians 4:6-7 and 1Peter 5:7 know that you are in HIS hands.

May YAHUVEH bless you in abundance as you continue in HIS will.

Much love in YAHUSHUA.


* * * * * * *

"Rev.Elisabeth Elijah" - [email protected] - wrote:

Shabbat Shalom

Blessings to you in the name of YAHUSHUA! Thank You for those encouraging words, yes its hard when we are persecuted for living Holy and teaching Holiness, but what else can we expect from the devil and his servants?

Thank you for your recent love offering and I pray in YAHUSHUA'S name it will be multiplied back to you like the loaves and the fishes.

Please email me again and tell me more about yourself.

Love and blessings in YAHUSHUA'S name

Elisabeth Elijah 

P.S. I wish you could see the origional picture the anointing is so awesome, and I discern more each time I look at it, why YAHUSHUA is weeping tears of blood. Keep a eye open for the newest update that will be posted shortly, and please re read the prophecies concerning "fire from Heaven" YAHUVEH warned Louisiana through a prophetic warning given to me in 2002, among other states, HE is going to do what HE did to Sodom and metorites the size that will crush houses will fall from the sky with hail unlike anything we have ever seen.  This is the newest warning given to me during Sukkot.

* * * * * * *

From:  robin To:  [email protected] Subject:  the picture of Gabriel, YAHUSHUA and Michael in front of YAHUVEH'S throne Date:  Tue, 18 Oct 2005 02:09:01 +0100 (BST)

Greetings to you in the LORD.

I have spent time looking at this picture and reading about it twice now. It is an amazing picture and it reminds me of how much I just want to be with my Saviour, YAHUSHUA. I long to see HIM more than I ever did before. Are there any pictures left?

Elisabeth, I pray for you every day.  I know you must find the path hard going at times, as you speak the WORDS of YAHUVEH.  Rest assured that you are covered with the precious blood of YAHUSHUA. The Devil only attacks those who are a threat to him so be encouraged in your persecution and hold to 1 Peter 4:13-14.

Yours in HIM.



Hi I my name is Cristy and I am a 29 year old Christian female , I have 2 very beautiful children. I have been reading the book about Gianna Jenssen, and how she survived abortion. I had never really thought much about abortion ( if it was right or wrong ) , I guess living in a worldly fantasy that things like that never happened even though you hear about them sometimes on the news .

I live in a small town and as far as I know we don't have a clinic here but that maybe a surprise for me too. I just want to let you know I repremend you and your ministry for trying to standup for such a innocent little being , and as I read through your web site my heart went out to all the little babies as I sat in tears and prayed to God and asking him how cruel could someone be that they would take such a innocent life . I make this promise to you I will have you and the ministry in my prayers everytime I pray and the helpless little ones . I don't understand why they would even choose that to be done when they are good families out there that would love and adore the baby . But yet it gets the death sentence when even some of our worse criminals don't get that .

God bless,

Sent : Friday, September 30, 2005 6:25 PM
To : [email protected]
Subject : RE: Hi Dennis and thank you again

Beloved Elisabeth and the other believers out there in Yahushua,

I'm glad Elisabeth that He won't be coming this year but maybe next year. So that gives me and the people I am helping out, more time to get right with God as never before. :-) I don't feel that afraid and guilty of myself not knowing for sure of how to get saved...and I thank you for that information from the bottom of my heart. Also I'm thankful that Yahushua is telling you personally when He will be coming back specifically and telling that to the believers around the world. WOW

Yes I will keep supporting you because I love you all and I like what you are all doing, even if you are risking your well being. But hey, it's worth it all! I haven't been staying away from the unholy things yet I confess. :-( But that will happen sometime soon shortly. :-) I want to be my week full of work first again based on Isaiah 58. Then I am all set. :-D

I HAVE been staying away from porn, but the lust is still there, but I'm determined to run the race before me and get rid of all the sins (especially the lust stuff) that just won't let go. But we both know that the more someone gets close to YAHUVEH God, the farther that person will get away from him/herself, the flesh, the world, sin, and the devil. I have gotten my work back after a long foolish break. I'm thankful I got it back. I still work at an industrial place (maybe commercial) here in Rockford. I am doing something else then what I was doing at this time last year.

Last year I was a custodian/maintenance man, but praise Yahushua! I found out they had hired a cleaning company to do that for them and not me. :-D But Elisabeth, I am currently looking for 'jobs' to fill in the rest of my week. Working part time means not only not getting enough money (which is not that important for me at the moment), but working only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. :-( But I still have hope. :-) I am looking for jobs whether being paid for it or not, to fill in the missing days except Saturdays yes.

I just want something to do and not stay home in front of the computer, try to purge some bad habits of mine, and working 6 days of the week and resting on day number 7 according to the Torah. I would like to be busy a lot throughout the week and taking it more easy before the Shabbat begins.

You know I have witnessed to my english girlfriend and praise God she believes in pretty much what I have told her. She is on her way in meeting the Spirit of the living God, praise to the King of the jews!! She has filled her week with busyness and I have told her about the Shabbat and I told her to do what she is able to do. Oh Elisabeth....I love her even more because of that. I am hoping that we will meet before the year ends and get married before Chaunakah begins. I told her the story of Chaunakah and she is interested in it. :-) So am I!

I am also hoping that we will have a love story similar to you and Nikomia's..even if it means only a few days left before Yahushua's return. Please you and the other believers pray that she will feel YAHUVEH's strong love and presence. I'm also guiding two teenage girls as well, and so far they are believing what I have told them. But like anything else..it will take some time to put down the roots and grow. Please pray for these girls too.

I care about them very much like a brother and a friend, even though I'm older than them. I'm really hoping I will hear from the teenager from Australia because she has told me her family doesn't really love her anymore. :-( But anyway, she doesn't even have a bible so I told her I will mail her a bible. I have just bought a cheap (but understandable) bible in a christian bookstore here in Rockford. There might be a few more out there that I may be able to preach, and teach the true doctrine of Yahushua before it's too late. :-( I really enjoy admonishing, warning, encouraging, and telling the truth as best as I can to people who would like to know. Souls of individuals out there are so precious and important that I had sacrificed my sleep time for them. This is SO much better than viewing porn late at night!!

I understand what have you been up to, so it's cool. Apology accepted. :-D If I feel led to email you again, I definiately will. I see you have greatly updated the website and I will be reading it sometime.....if it doesn't scare me as much. Much love and appreciation to you all jewish Yahushua believers out there. Shalom and enjoy the High Holy Days.


P.S. Elisabeth tell Nikomia and the rest of the believers with you I said 'hello and much love to you all.' By the way, my girlfriend's name is Nicky from England. She had asked you to pray for her in late August so yeah please do pray for her as well. :-)

Sent : Thursday, September 29, 2005 8:21 AM
To : [email protected]
Subject : writing a book

Dear Elisabeth, as I was praying last night I had the thought that I wish your prophecies could be put into a book form so they could be read as a person was able without the necessity of a computer. What do you think about that? Have you ever considered it? Has YAHUSHUA ever put it on your heart? I could try to help pay costs and perhaps others would want to also.

I am contacting believers in Israel to try to find a translator. Nothing so far.

Bless you always,


Beloved Sister Kathy,

THANK YOU! for your offer and anything you can do to help me with this would be appreciated. For years now again and again it has been prophecied that there would be a book of these prophecies and audible words and visions, dreams etc. Now you have been sent to offer your help and yet I don't have a clue how to do this. Do you? You are my confirmation because to be honest with all that is going on in this Ministry I had forgotten this until YAHUSHUA reminded me through you.

It never ceases to amaze me how you are so anointed and it is a honor YAHUSHUA sent you to this Ministry.

Your Methodist Minister is not full of the Ruach for he refuses the gifts of the Ruach and that is sad. It is not saying he isn't saved for I can't say that, but his cup has only been partially full because he quenches the Ruach ha Kodesh.

Your dream said within 3 days and you thought that had to do with me remember? It was 3 days later I knew where we were to be moving. You do have gifts of a prophet.

I have read your emails and been unable to reply until now. There is no time to make phone call to you now although I would love to speak with you, I am so sorry, but we have been extremly busy and I am trying so hard to get caught up on Ministry Site Postings because we won't be posting most likely for the majority of the High Holy Days


Love your Sister in YAHUSHUA

To: [email protected]
Subject: a fearful dream.
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005
Dearest Apostle Elisabeth Elijah

I was reading your Dreaming about Hitler's page and suddenly remembered this dream I've almost forgotten since long ago. Not really about Hitler, but a persecution, I believe. I don't remember anymore when I did dream this, but it had been years ago before I found your website, when I was still an undergraduate student ... and I believe I should share this to you.

Just a short memory I can remember recently. I dreamt that I was with a group of people in a certain room. I guess the room was locked from outside. There were many beds, but not the comfortable ones. Later some soldiers came in. The uniforms reminded me to the Nazi ones I used to see on pictures and films, and they took some of us with force. In the dream I thought to myself "Well, it's finally coming", and I was one of the people forced out of the room. In the dream I knew that we would finally face the execution.

Later we were taken to outdoor area, seemed so specially arranged for the persecuted ones. I remember thinking to myself "Whatever. My cousin Novemto has also faced this. It's now my turn, no need to be afraid of this". No fear, just a relief.

Somehow I knew a guillotine was set in front of us, but I didn't see it in my dream.

Then finally, it was my turn. A soldier grabbed my arm (I remember that my hands were tied at my back), and pushed me down. Felt myself kneeling down and putting my neck on somekind of wood. Then I closed my eyes, waiting for the next thing coming.

Somehow I knew that the guillotine coming down to the back part of my neck. Felt nothing, but suddenly it was all black.

Everything was black and I felt no sadness, no pain, no fear, no terror, no horror. Was this a state of being truly free? I didn't know. I just felt myself become as light as feather. "Am I flying?" I tried to open my eyes, then saw a vivid sight of blue sky and white clouds surrounds me. I was flying up!

Then a man in white (looked like an angel) took my hand and pulled me up to the cloud. Later, I stepped to the cloud and saw Him there.

"YAHUSHUA! Sudah sampai di sini toh?! (YAHUSHUA, so You've already arrived here?!)"

He just nodded, no smile, just a very serious expression on His face. Then He said to the other angel, "Give her the clothes!"

The angel helped me wearing the clothes and I saw YAHUSHUA was crouching down to watch something beneath. Finally when I was ready with my clothes, I joined Him watching it suspiciously. To my shock, the lands were in total mess. Maybe there had been so many destructions happen on earth.

And then I woke up, sweating. I prayed so that I would never face everything inside the dream except the joining with YAHUSHUA's part. In reality I fear knife, sword and everthing of these kind of tools, never wish to be cut in whatever the situation would be, especially by a guillotine.

I don't want death, I want my YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH, and I want to be taken up with Him without facing any horror of persecution. I really want to be found worthy to escape all of these things. The people who already passed away were really lucky to escape this time, I stated to myself. What do you think, Sister?

Would you share with me what YH (either YAHUVEH or YAHUSHUA or Ruakh Ha Kodesh) said about me? Am I guest or bride? Am I destined to face the guillotine .... or it's just a dream with me in someone else's position? I'm just a sheep, His sheep, and I'm really afraid of all of these things! Please pray for me, Sister. And please share what YAHUVEH says about me. Thank you very much.

Hope you'll always be in our YHs' protection wherever you are,

Shabbat Shalom!
Elisabeth Yenny.

From : Rev.Elisabeth Elijah   [email protected]
Sent : Friday, September 30, 2005 9:14 AM
subject: dream of coming Great Tribulation and martyrs

Dearest Elisabeth Yenny

How have you been feeling? I prayed for healing and believing for this miracle.

I have read your emails and been unable to reply until now. There is no time to make phone call to you and if your parents answer the phone like you said they wouldn't understand my language,since you live in Indonesia, although I would have love to speak with you, I am so sorry, but we have been extremly busy and I am trying so hard to get caught up on Ministry Site Postings because we won't be posting most likely for the majority of the High Holy Days.

Your dream needs to be posted for it is a warning that there will be martrys. Whether the dream meant it would be you Sis, I am sorry but I am not getting that revelation. Perhaps it is because I have not had time yet to pray on this. But I shall in YAHUSHUA'S TIMING. What was encouraging for those who are martryed in this way, you felt no pain.

Please forgive me Sis ahead of time, but this will be most likely the last email from me for awhile at least during the HOLY Days coming up. We are going over 3,000 miles away and will be out of touch for awhile with Internet. However please keep writing as you feel led because eventually I will get to a Internet connection again.

please stay in touch because I will try and check the email even if it means I can just read it on my cell phone.

Much love and appreciation

From Elisabeth...
Don't miss our new email blessing section, and if you would be so kind to write a blessing in the guest book it would be an honor. Please post your dream in the guest book also for others to read. Thank you


I can read messages from my cell phone but not reply. Please read and pray for this Brother in YAHUSHUA! HELP ME TO PROVE WE THE BRIDE OF YAHUSHUA REALLY DO CARE FOR WE ARE OUR BROTHERS KEEPER THIS I DO BELIEVE! His mother was a minister for 20 years on the front line fighting the devil and she ended up commiting suicide. I am calling on the Bride of YAHUSHUA especially John and Steve in Austraila, haven't heard from you since you sent that generous offering, I need you both. If you read this email me ASAP I shall pray that you see this and write me. Trouble is where we are going there is little if any INternet. Everyone else please i beg of you keep Simon in your prayers. don't let the devil win this battle with him, intercede,and fast for him.


Sent : Thursday, September 29, 2005 7:02 AM
To : [email protected]
Subject : HELP ME!

My name is Simon. I live in Australia in the outback. I need help or I die!!!

21 years ago I was born again. I mean REALLY born again. I cannot doubt or dispute what occured that day...the 28th of september 1984. I met Jesus litterally. I spoke with Him and he with me. I saw heaven too. I was told many things...some of which was hidden from my memory until the time for the revelation to be revealed.

But since that time I backslid back and forth many times. I delved into sin on a regular basis...but all along I hated my sin and still do. I know that we are saved by grace and all that....but latley I have sinned so deeply that I fear I have gone too far and trodden the Blood of Jesus one to many times. I sin because I am in despair of ever knowing that love again. I just cannot seem to connect.

My whole life has been one big failure in all aspects. I was married for ten years but that failed too because of my sin and lack of self control. Since my divorce I returned to the Lord in a big way...only to fall even further. My heart is so hard now....my sins accuse me...and I grow desperate to feel life within again. I know what my calling is and I KNOW what lies just around the corner for the world. I fear I have left it too late to catch back up. I feel so lost and I know if I died I would deserve hell because I KNEW the truth and yet did nothing.

I am lazy...undiciplined...and still reeling from the divorce. My mother also committed suicide at that time after serving the Lord in a frontline ministry for over 20 years. I am lost...or I feel lost. I am so confused now. I only want to be with the Lord once more. I have travelled so far and seen things which many pastors never see....and yet I still feel so useless. I do not pray as I should...I am all out of strength. I am worn down in every way...I need a miracle or at least some hope. I sin....deliberately...and yet HATE it as it brings only more despair.

Can it be that I have sinned so much with full knowledge of God that I have perhaps gone too far?? Or if not...how do I re connect once again? I have NO willpower or strength. I am always on the verge of suicide and I miss my daughters so much. I am one big ball of grief anger and pain and it never seems to end. I have no church to go to where I live...no support....just me and God....and I have no strngth left to fight anymore. My mother saw hell and ran to jesus. I saw heaven and did the same. Perhaps a glimpse of hell would wake me up. I just dont know what to do. I have done all the church teaches...but for the most part it brings only condemnation. They teach LIES and heresy...so who do I turn too?

My heart is hardened...I sin so easily now. I smoke drugs...I swear a lot. I am full of anger at my ex wife for what she did and still does. I know I MUST forgive and I try soooo hard...but the anger remains. HOW DO I GET FREEEEE????????? Ive tried everything...but because I am so lazy it is never enough.

How do I change my character? how do I change this worthless lazy man into what God called me to be so many years ago??? How do I end the pain???? WHEN WILL I KNOW LOVE????? I hurt so much...all the time....constantly. I long so much to be re united with Jesus. I KNOW He loves me....but I cannot seem to break through this wall of sin sick grief infesated anger controlled FLESH!!!! HOW....WHEN.....will I ever know peace and be the man God called me to be??? I know there will be many in hell who were born again but lost the plot and never kept on the path.

I know there will be many just like me there who had a calling and yet blew it again and again and ignored the warnings. How can I escape this trap I have put myself in??? I just cannot seem to repent...like its far to late for me to do so. I have sought repentance with TEARS...and yet it never comes. I have raged and screamed and cried out to God for so long. But always...ALWAYS...I return to my sin. I just cannot seem to escape this cycle of doom.

PLEASE.....PRAY FOR ME.....give me hope....ask the lord for strenght and renewal of fighting spirit...and healing for my shattered sin sick heart. I am dying...without the Lord and His love I will soon be dead and in hell forever.

I am SUCH a lazy sinner. I know the truith but lack the will. I know my destiny...but lack the strength. Is there forgivness and restoration for a sinner and backslider like me? I have sinned so many times in FULL KNOWLEDGE AND IN FULL SIGHT OF GOD MOST HIGH...He must be so angry with me. I am intelligent...I have met the Lord. I have had many secrets revealed to me over the years...but what do I do with all this revelation knowledge??? I KEEP SINNING DELIBERATLEY.....in despair and pain I sin.

I HATE MY SIN....but just keep at it. It brings a brief moment of relief...but soon turns to utter desppair once more...so I sin again...and keep the cycle going. I know how I ought to be but have no will left to fight. I am heading down and I KNOW it. HELP MEEEEE. Its all or nothing. my heart is almost dead. My sins mount ever before me and god...my account grows every day....and soon I will have to explain face to face why I did what I did even though I knew better. MY GOD HELP ME!!

WHY am I like this??? how did that innocent little boy who was always picked on and beaten at school...who used to preach at school despite the beatings....end up a broken sinful backslidden waste of time such as myself??? where oh WHERE did I turn the wrong corner? Help me please GOD HELP MEE!!!

Beloved Brother Simon

From Elisabeth...

I am trying to reach two powerful Holy Men that I call friend who live in Austraila. They will also contact you when I reach them. Please hurry and send your phone number so I can give it to them.

I also am posting your urgent prayer need on the Ministry Site at email blessings www.amightywind.com it will also be on


and in Urgent PRAYER REQUESTS. HELP IS ON THE WAY. I have asked for Prayer warriors to cover you in prayer and fasting. You have fought all your life why give up now when you are on the brink of a miracle. YAHUSHUA LOVES YOU! YOU JUST NEED DELIVERANCE LIKE THE PRODIGAL SON.

Unfortunatly I am leaving on a Spiritual retreat over 3,000 miles away and I won't have Internet connnection for awhile. At least until I get a motel in the nearest City. Please don't give up now, its bad enough your mother lost her battle with the devil, please don't allow the same thing to happen to you.

Please tell me what City in Austraila do you live in? I know my Brothers in YAHUSHUA will personally come and visit you if they can.

Much love in YAHUSHUA
Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah


Nice website i just hope that god can forgive the people that do abortion.Why can't people just understand that abortion is murder,I don't understand


These are the People who take the time to prove they care. If you have written and I have not posted your email please don't be hurt, we receive so many lovely letters and there is not enough time to post them. YAHUSHUA bless you who have taken the time to send your loving financial support and prayers and kind words, praise reports, salvation reports, proof behind the prophecies, abortion comments against abortion, comments against Zeph Daniel, Rich Keltner, Frank Whalen (who is a Howard Stern wannabe.)

You have written your comments against a young man named Hunter I use to think of like a son,and now realize he is no friend but a enemy and a Judas and he has lost any anointing he had by selling out to Satan by attacking this ministry as well as me viciously and compromising what he once knew was truth.

Below is a letter from a beloved Sister from Finland who is a faithful friend and Partner in this ministry. I will not allow her to be harmed by the evil Jezebels that threaten any friend of this ministry so I will not put her name. She learned through this ministry that abortion is wrong and so is homosexuality. She learned about holiness and the Jewishness of our Messiah, including she learned and now keeps the Holy Days as well as the Shabbat. If it wasn't so tragic it would be funny,My legal maiden name is Elijah and yet I am called a Jezebel and a legalistic pharisee and a false prophet not to mention a YAHUVEHITE! Woe be unto these who slander this Minister and Ministry just because it teaches the truth in the Holy Scriptures, woe be unto those who called themselves my friend and then turn into a Judas! YAHUVEH will Judge and take vengeance.

Beloved Friend Elisabeth

how low that dung
Zeph Daniel, his friend Frank Whalen, Richard Keltner, Hunter , channel Z is for Zero tolerance YAH has for them calling for your death and calling you evil names! All your enemies are YAH'S enemies! What kind of a person would call this Holy Ministry evil? Just because you stand up for Holiness? Obedience to YAH? Mocking Holy Tongues, mocking These men are Satanist plants and people are being fooled all they have to do is check the fruit of this ministry and they would see that their fruit is evil and have a form of Godliness and no Godliness within. Anyone that doesn't defend you are either a coward or of Satan and they are dung in human form for anyone to even think of harming you in any way YAHUVEH will take vengeance.

Shame on anyone that is blessed by this ministry and prophecies know you speak the truth and have called themselves a friend and financially supported this ministry and then stand by and does nothing as Zeph and Frank call curses upon you over the radio and call for your death! vengeance to them! I try to carry some of your burdens, I try to imagine what it would feel like to be persecuted as a prophet to that degree. My mind is filled with love, protection, compassion, helpfulness, solidarity, humanity, sensitivity, encouragement, consolement, sympathy, friendliness, understanding for you. I send you energy, positivity , rays of light, hope, endurement, intelligence, confidence, assertiveness. Being in a moment assertive includes the future, I send you inner smile. Stay strong for a while to take a fresh start.

Don't think of too much of the present because YAHUVEH WILL GUIDE YOU. just know that you'll be taken care of, you'll be given what you need, you'll get to a happier place, you'll find joy and peace so you can be at ease. Leave the enemy to their own filth where they sink in. Truly you are right when YAHUVEH said they dig their own graves with their tongues!

I send you the extra oil in my lamp: guidance, ears to hear YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, see the bright side, clever ideas, luck in selling stuff, reserving tickets, finding places to stay, meeting assisting people, getting good advice, being in the right place at the right time, having a good time.

Nobody should be allowed to make us feel depressed. I pray the enemy to stay away from you while you are awake, when you plan your steps, when you pray, talk, move, think, sleep. They'll find it impossible to approach, hurt, attack, stand against you! You'll be provided for. May the cloud of deliverance be upon you. Mans job is to protect women! Pitiful, pitiful snakes,these men are snakes that attack you, and those that call themselves friends and yet do not defend you are judas's, YAHUVEH will judge them and one day they will call someone a friend and instead find they are a judas in disguise, they're not even fit to be called animals! The greater is their judgment!

Dear Elizebeth,

I wish I could tell you how very grateful I am for your site. I am a person with many problems, but your site encourages me like no other, and I know you truly hear from God. I was just at your page where you posted your dream 'Black Ring of Death Plague' .

The reason I'm sending you this is because I just came across a news story from just last week (September 15th) which I think might be a confirmation of your dream. Here's the article:

Mice Carrying Plague Vanish From Lab
Thursday, September 15, 2005

NEWARK, N.J. — Three mice infected with the bacteria responsible for bubonic plague (search) apparently disappeared from a laboratory about two weeks ago, and authorities launched a search though health experts said there was scant public risk.
The mice were unaccounted-for at the Public Health Research Institute (search), which is on the campus of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and conducts bioterrorism research for the federal government. Federal official said the mice may never be accounted for. Among other things, the rodents may have been stolen, eaten by other lab animals or just misplaced in a paperwork error.
If the mice got outside the lab, they would have already died from the disease, state Health Commissioner Fred Jacobs said.
The possibility of theft prompted the institute to interrogate two dozen of its employees and conduct lie detector tests, The Star-Ledger of Newark reported Thursday.
The FBI said it was investigating. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (search) is also investigating, the newspaper reported.
University officials did not immediately return a call seeking comment Thursday morning.
The mice were injected as part of an inoculation and vaccination experiment, investigators said.
Health officials say 10 to 20 people in the United States contract plague each year, usually through infected fleas or rodents. It can be treated with antibiotics, but about one in seven U.S. cases is fatal. Bubonic plague is not contagious, but left untreated it can transform into pneumonic plague, which can be spread from person to person.
The incident came as federal authorities investigate possible corruption in the school's finances. The FBI is reviewing political donations and millions of dollars in no-bid contracts awarded to politically connected firms.
Also, I believe that you are a true prophet of the Lord, my spirit bears witness to this. Thank you so much and God bless you for all the hard work you do for the Lord, and others.
In the Lord, Paul H.

Hello, I am currently reading what you wrote, I am in a state of confusion. Please help me. I will try to integrate Yashua into my life. All I need is some help. Pedro

hello dear brother and sister in Yeshuah ,

My name is Marilyn , I'M A 24 Y.O artist, who was born in France but originally from West africa ( ivory coast ) yes , it's far ! it's my fist time writing to you but I thank the Lord that he sent me to your page ( plus I understand all the Hebrew words for Jesus , the Holy Spirit and the many names of God, because I study this in hebrew) what a blessing !

I like the fact that you consider the Hebrew origin of our God and pray according to it.

I'm very glad I know your website and I'm such a " fan " of YEShUAH. I definitely want to have a more intimate walk with Him ( the groom)as you pointed out in one of the messages I just read I hope you'll pray for me !

also, I know it will make you smile a bit, but can you please pray that God may bless me with my husband and a happy marriage.

"Whether you are the Bride of YAHUSHUA or the Guests, you will be blessed. Those that do this faithfully, let me know and email me ([email protected]) so I can ask YAHUSHUA if I can release another way to become more intimate with YAHUSHUA that will increase the anointing in you"

also ,I really can't wait to contribute financially to your ministry to save more souls and expand your ministry , and by God's grace , it will be possible.

God bless you all, in the name of Yeshuah Ha MaschIACH
God bless you elizabeth .


Hi my name is Madeline and just at this very moment I just finish reading "THE TERRORS OF HELL." I never cried with such a pain in my heart, every word I read I felt as if I was living it and feeling it at that very moment. But not just mines alone but the pain of others as well. this site that I just finish reading was not just like any other site I ever read.

I felt this strange feeling of mix emotion, scared, helpless, love for others. people who may end up in a place like this. my loved ones who are probably there with no hope or chance to come out, and not feel the breeze that they took so much for granted, or love their enemies that once they hated, look at nature as the art that GOD gave us to live in. I just could not stop crying.

As I kept reading I began to feel for others. I began to look out the window and everything I didn't bother noticing, now meant so much to me, the wind coming inside my window, the soft lite in the sky with the moon right beside it. Oh I feel my heart in so much pain, but I thank you so much, who ever you are and may the lord keep blessing you. I truly say this with an open warm heart. I never felt so human in my life the way I feel right now. I accept the lord in my heart and may he forgive me for taking for granted all these years the beauty that he always was trying to show me. but now I see something I didn't see before, and that is that from this day on everyone would be like my family, stranger, enemies, and most of all appreciate "GOD" for loving this sinner.

God Bless you and words can never say how thankful I truly am
Your sister in Christ Madeline, who saw your ad by pressing a wrong button or should I say the right button.

Dear Sister,

Oh, I am so sorry I missed your phone call! I would have loved to talk to you. My husband was on the phone talking to his mother. Rich doesn't really call us anymore, and I do not visit his site, but thanks for the warning. No, I offended Rich, when I agreed with you, and he was offended at the emails that I sent him, that backed up what you told him. I am really sad for him, and still hope he will someday repent, but it is in YAHUVEH'S hands


I rebuke them all at Richard Keltner radio site but maybe i went a bit too far...i said whatever curses they throw at me shall boomerang back on them....What I received back from Rich was a curse...help....i'm kind of new to spiritual warfare...i'm just in training....what do i do? These people are not holy they are evil and don't even pretend to be holy they are out to deceive the people and confuse them making excuses to sin and saying you can still go to Heaven. Only a Satanist in diguise would attack a Holy Ministry and Minister who teaches what is taught at this Ministry.

Joyious one

Sent : Wednesday, August 31, 2005 9:04 PM
To : Contact Us
Subject : hey

Dear Apostle Elisabeth

i thank you for the "Citizen in Hell" song, it helped me get saved to day at my christian school our pastor talked about this song and 9 people got saved including me and then he played a copy of me it was so terifying and it scared me. and im glad i heard this thank you so much!



Hi Elisabeth

I have been reading your website for a little while now and I find it intriguing. A lot of what is said strikes to the core and seems almost "common sense" to me since a lot of what is said is what I find to be true. I enjoy it, really.

I do have one concern (mainly for my cat) and that is about the dead to arise. This would definitely worry me since I live right on a graveyard (and not a sanctified one either, meaning people were buried without ceremony or of anyone either). My one worry is of how fast the dead can walk, like Dawn of the Dead fast were they can ran as fast as any living person or slowly like in Night of the Living Dead (80's version I think) were you can simply walk past them and they'd be too slow to turn around. And how would I come about anointed oil since there is no church around that uses it. (Is there some way I can perform a "ceremony" to get it?)

As a side note when I read the dream about the green chemical in a city, San Francisco popped into my mind although I wouldn't trust it to be true.

Sent : Saturday, September 24, 2005 5:29 PM
To : Contact Us
Subject : Maranatha Sister Elisabeth!

Dear Apostle Elisabeth,

First I would like to thank and bless you for your obedience to serving our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus our Christ. You have been very courageous. It must be a very difficult to be a prophet in these times. May I pray for you and ask that our God bless you with keep you as you boldly proclaim His message. I pray that all those who need uplifting hear His message through your ministry. I thank God for you. God has lead us to you and through you Elisabeth has spoken to our hearts.

It was only yesterday that we found your website with all the wonder prophecies and messages from God to His children. What especially excited us was the message to the Bride. Oh, I know that our Bridegroom soon cometh!!!! Praise God!!!!! I just pray that Jesus find me worthy to be a part of the Bride. Yes, it would certainly be a great honour to be a guest at the marriage supper of our Lamb, and I know that I am not worthy, I just pray that Jesus remember me. Oh, it is the desire of my heart to be counted worthy to be a part of our Lord's Bride for eternity. There would be no greater hope than this. I pray always that He not find me wanting.

My dear sister-in-law by the name of Goldie and I had a rare opportunity in the last two days to deeply study the scriptures deeply the rapture or catching away of the Bride of Christ. We where anxious to clearly understand when the last trump will be and what is it that causes spots or wrinkles that would make us undeserving. We ask and pray always that the Holy Spirit search out any darkness in us that His light shine on it so that we will repent and get rid of it in time. One of your messages pricked my heart this morning. It is the message that rebukes us for changing the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday . I feel very convicted about this as I have been calling Sunday God's Sabbath like so many other Christians. I will not do this thing any more. I will not commit this sin against our Lord any more.

In our studies yesterday, Jesus led us to the understanding that last trumpet will be blown at 1:00pm EST. on Rosh Ha Shanah October 4th this year and this could very well be the very year of His Coming. We where dancing and shouting with glee thinking just how close our Lord's coming could be. We where asking Jesus to make sure that we where spotless before Him and that our lamp through the Holy Spirit was trimmed and full so that we are ready. Ever ready.

Goldie is on her way to meet her other three sisters in Halifax Canada. This may be her last chance to witness to them about their eternal salvation and what dire threat they are in as unbelievers. She and I both know that lateness of the hour. Please pray that they open their hearts to Jesus and hear her words of life. Please pray with us that they repent, before it is too late. My parents too are at risk. They are old but Jesus has been faithful to keep them alive. As long as they are alive, there is hope. Other's are praying for their salvation as well but the evil is strong as I believe that their are generational curses that are binding them to the will of satan, the lust of the flesh, this world and their minds and ultimately to the wrath of God. I plead the blood of Jesus on them and pray for the binding and rebuking of principalities and powers of darkness that are binding their hearts and minds and ask that the Holy Spirit speak to their hearts and send Christians across their paths to lift up Jesus to them that they know the truth and be set free.

Dear Elisabeth, you said that God gave you discernment about who would and would not be counted worthy to have the honour to be His Glorious Bride. I am almost fearful to ask, yet I so want to know. Elisabeth, will Jesus find me to worthy? Yet my prayer is, not my will but Thy will be done dear Lord.

And the SPIRIT and the BRIDE SAY, "COME, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, COME!" Let anyone that hears say come. Let anyone who is thirsty come and let anyone that wishes take the water of life free of charge. And the one who testified to these things says…


Hello there,

My name is Josh, and I was wonder if you are still selling your "One Minute To Midnight" painting? I have said your prayer of salvation that is on your website, amightywind.com, and I still would like to become baptized although I don't think that or know that has happened as of yet. I know The Father knows that I want to become Baptized and even though there is not a Messianic Christian Church or Messianic Jewish Synagauge or anything where I live (I think closest is in either Ohio or Kentucky) though I would like there to be one here (I live in north central Indiana - about 2 or 3 hours east of Chicago and just minutes from the Indiana - Michigan border).

I know in my heart and have made the conscience decision to want to become baptized both of water and of the Holy Spirit, as is commanded of us. I know that you, Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah are a Prophet, Apostle and Disciple of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I would like to become one as well although I know I must do and go for the occupation/job that the Father tells me to. Thank you for your time, Amen.

With the love of Messiah,

Dear Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah,

I hope this finds you well.

A few month ago I wrote you the email below about doing a magazine article about your work.

In light of recent event in New Orleans, I believe the perspective of prophets are even more pertinent.

Would you please consider again my request to interview and photograph you? I know you will consider my request seriously, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Jan Stürmann

My beloved Sister!

YAHUVEH bless you! How are you? I know you've been busy in His Service, however, I long to hear from you. I imagine there's a lot of spiritual warfare/attacks going on. I've kept you and ministry team in my prayers as well. Don't worry, you've got the victory in YAHUSHUA dear Sister! The enemy is already defeated because no weapons formed against you will prosper! You shall not die but live to proclaim the works of Him who sent you. Be blessed my cherished Sister and friend. Persevere for a little while longer. The battle is not yours but the LORD'S. MARANATHA!!

Love & Blessings!

Your Sister,


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