I love your Hanukkah site!

This is the first year we have celebrated Hanukkah but it has aleady been such a blessing!

We have had a wonderful 2005, I think, because this was the year we started to observe the true Holy Days. We have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams!

I haven't always known how to celebrate them but GOD has honered my attempts and He knows I am learning.

I want to share a dream/vision I had about Feast of Tabernacles. I saw..families gathered around their booths......I saw the excitement in the children's eyes as the Dad turned on the lights of the booth.....yes it was lit up as a Christmas tree would be..and there was cheering and laughter because the children knew this was in celebration of the birth of our King! I felt a sadness come over me because I knew this was the way it should be...not children getting excited about a tree being lit up and stories of Santa.

I then felt that this would bcome a reality soon. That we would worship the KIng as we should....and children would get excited when the booth was lit up in honor of their Savior's birth.

God Bless you abundantly!!!!!
Happy Hanukkah!!!!!!!

Gloria Scott
Belton, MO.

* * * * * * *


I was blessed to see your web site. You are indeed so loved of God. I see you as a little girl with hands clenched and defiant, refusing to be destroyed no matter what. You are this little warrior; this darling lamb.

I sense that our Father is so pleased with your determination and your loyalty. You are His baby and He is so delighted in you. You have courage that He has given you and a fearlessness that He gave you also.

I marvel always at how many ways He chooses to minister to the broken hearted. How some of us are chosen to have walked a hard dark road......and in this intimate "acquaintance" with sorrow are able to sense the need in others. Without it I don't know if some of us, "foot soldiers" would see the things we do.

I also know that there is an end to sorrow.............and that in this life as we "pass through" the "looking glass" to the kingdom of God the sorrows stay behind us.

I have struggled so in my walk with Christ, with persecutions and terrible trials.........I have found that there is only one way to "pass through" and that is HIS way. Believe, confess and act. I have found that as I have become "dead" to the other that it gives way; "out of the bitter comes the sweet" to LIFE. I cannot consider my deadness EVER only my life in HIM. The more I have done this the more I BELIEVE. The more I believe the more real I become. Because my "real" is who Christ has made me (read Ephesians) Believing Ephesians was difficult. (I am seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (at the right hand of God) far above all principalities and powers...........) But possible.

When I stopped trying to resurrect THIS LIFE (for it is the kingdom of darkness and broken, abused, refused, denied, distorted and betrayed.) When I stopped trying to "save/salvage" this life, heal this life, restore this life I LET GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw that IT CAN NEVER EVER BE HEALED......I LET IT GO. I have no expectations now, except what He gives, no goals but what He directs me to.......and its glorious! Once my "grasping" ended my heart became truly full........(well in comparison.)

But the sorrow ended absolutely. I find that when I move back into thinking about what I want (and don't have) or allowing myself to "need" something or some one, I lose my peace and His way.

This way, His way, I seek to be thankful each day. To not complain or despair..............Love comes then like warmth, sufficiency is celebrated and I am rich. I am closer to being able to love as Christ loves.

Please understand that I have been blest with a Godly husband and children and grandchildren......I am not alone. But yet I do enjoy the solitude of His presence for me and me alone.

Hope you are blest by my words. Yours certainly blest me! God keep you in the way Elizabeth......you are dear..........

redo yhawkins