Hi Elisabeth

I have been reading your website for a little while now and I find it intriguing. A lot of what is said strikes to the core and seems almost "common sense" to me since a lot of what is said is what I find to be true. I enjoy it, really.

I do have one concern (mainly for my cat) and that is about the dead to arise. This would definitely worry me since I live right on a graveyard (and not a sanctified one either, meaning people were buried without ceremony or of anyone either). My one worry is of how fast the dead can walk, like Dawn of the Dead fast were they can ran as fast as any living person or slowly like in Night of the Living Dead (80's version I think) were you can simply walk past them and they'd be too slow to turn around. And how would I come about anointed oil since there is no church around that uses it. (Is there some way I can perform a "ceremony" to get it?)

As a side note when I read the dream about the green chemical in a city, San Francisco popped into my mind although I wouldn't trust it to be true.