Beloved Sister in YAHUSHUA,

I am thinking hard about hosting a radio pragram were I will read the prophecies and teach. I am thinking. I feel the fear a bit that it may cost my life, so I am still counting the cost!

So it is not coincidence that I have translated prophecies 9, 10, 11 ,64 and others last week, because I really felt that FATHER YAHUVEH was speaking to me. Through prophecy 9. I have shared with my uncle what I have learned last week, and also the "revelation" about being warriors and not cowards, and that came as a confirmation to him, because he was dealing with certain things in his life at that moment. He took it as FATHER was speaking to him, answering him on the matter.

I am praying for strength and guidence, but the thing is deal with are the faults in my own life, and I believe FATHER is saying what he says in prophecy 9.

HAPPY HANNAKAH AGAIN, we have not forgotten you financially. Help is on the way.