hello dear brother and sister in Yeshuah ,

My name is Marilyn , I'M A 24 Y.O artist, who was born in France but originally from West africa ( ivory coast ) yes , it's far ! it's my fist time writing to you but I thank the Lord that he sent me to your page ( plus I understand all the Hebrew words for Jesus , the Holy Spirit and the many names of God, because I study this in hebrew) what a blessing!

I like the fact that you consider the Hebrew origin of our God and pray according to it.

I'm very glad I know your website and I'm such a " fan " of YEShUAH. I definitely want to have a more intimate walk with Him ( the groom)as you pointed out in one of the messages I just read I hope you'll pray for me !

also, I know it will make you smile a bit, but can you please pray that God may bless me with my husband and a happy marriage.

"Whether you are the Bride of YAHUSHUA or the Guests, you will be blessed. Those that do this faithfully, let me know and email me ([email protected]) so I can ask YAHUSHUA if I can release another way to become more intimate with YAHUSHUA that will increase the anointing in you"

also ,I really can't wait to contribute financially to your ministry to save more souls and expand your ministry , and by God's grace , it will be possible.

God bless you all, in the name of Yeshuah Ha MaschIACH
God bless you elizabeth.