Hi Elizabeth!!!!

How have you guys been doing? I am so glad to know you've finally settled somewhere safe where the Lord is giving you a little time to rest. And I just read your Hannukah card last night. Thankyou for that update. I see the Lord must've been revealing many new secrets this Hannukah.. what a blessed year this has been. This is our second year to celebrate Hannukah. You said to expect a new miracle every day of Hannukah. Praise the lord, this is only the second day and we've already experienced two miracles..two words!!

I told my mother, I have never experienced a Christmas miracle!! It just shows you the importance of this holiday. Truly, the Lord does reveal new things on his holy days. And it is meant to be a blessing to us. It surely has been. So, we thank you and your husband from the bottom of our hearts for teaching us the importance of these days!!! It has made such a difference in our spiritual lives. We are so grateful!!

The first time I spoke to you on the phone the Lord gave your these words, "Be patient.. First baby feed; then sirloine." Truly I have felt like I was making little progress and was VERY impatient, but these past couple of months things have been moving very fast. It seems now things are speeding up. They must speed up, like you, my mother and I have worried much about the date 6/06/06.. We have believed like there would a significant event on that day.. something very bad. But, with all the wickedness of this upcoming year, hopefully our 'God of balance' YAHUVEH will balance it with an equal amount of blessings as well.

How are you feeling Elizabeth?? Have things been very draining for you these last months on the road? I hope you guys have settled. I pray for you guys every night for protection.

Oh, the Lord has given me 3 new dreams I hope to share with you the next time we speak on the phone.. Oh, one more thing I have to tell you, the most amazing miracle happened December 15th!!! I had promised you $400.00 that day, but something was unexpectently backordered, so I was really low on money. Luckily, my mother offered to donate $200. I had only $180. in the bank, so I was only $20.00 short. As I went to the bank ATM am withdrew $180.00 I counted the amount and I kept coming up with the wrong amount!! Miraculously, there was $200.00 there instead of 180.!! I counted it 15 times!! What a miracle. When miracles like that happen concerning this ministry, it is just a reminder how much the Lord is with this ministry!!!

Thankyou for helping us in so many ways. Tell me what has been going on with you guys. :0D