Hi my name is Madeline and just at this very moment I just finish reading "THE TERRORS OF HELL." I never cried with such a pain in my heart, every word I read I felt as if I was living it and feeling it at that very moment. But not just mines alone but the pain of others as well. this site that I just finish reading was not just like any other site I ever read.

I felt this strange feeling of mix emotion, scared, helpless, love for others. people who may end up in a place like this. my loved ones who are probably there with no hope or chance to come out, and not feel the breeze that they took so much for granted, or love their enemies that once they hated, look at nature as the art that GOD gave us to live in. I just could not stop crying.

As I kept reading I began to feel for others. I began to look out the window and everything I didn't bother noticing, now meant so much to me, the wind coming inside my window, the soft lite in the sky with the moon right beside it. Oh I feel my heart in so much pain, but I thank you so much, who ever you are and may the lord keep blessing you. I truly say this with an open warm heart. I never felt so human in my life the way I feel right now. I accept the lord in my heart and may he forgive me for taking for granted all these years the beauty that he always was trying to show me. but now I see something I didn't see before, and that is that from this day on everyone would be like my family, stranger, enemies, and most of all appreciate "GOD" for loving this sinner.

God Bless you and words can never say how thankful I truly am
Your sister in Christ Madeline, who saw your ad by pressing a wrong button or should I say the right button.