Hello there,

My name is Josh, and I was wonder if you are still selling your "One Minute To Midnight" painting? I have said your prayer of salvation that is on your website, amightywind.com, and I still would like to become baptized although I don't think that or know that has happened as of yet. I know The Father knows that I want to become Baptized and even though there is not a Messianic Christian Church or Messianic Jewish Synagauge or anything where I live (I think closest is in either Ohio or Kentucky) though I would like there to be one here (I live in north central Indiana - about 2 or 3 hours east of Chicago and just minutes from the Indiana - Michigan border).

I know in my heart and have made the conscience decision to want to become baptized both of water and of the Holy Spirit, as is commanded of us. I know that you, Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah are a Prophet, Apostle and Disciple of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I would like to become one as well although I know I must do and go for the occupation/job that the Father tells me to. Thank you for your time, Amen.

With the love of Messiah,