Hi Elisabeth.

I dont know where to start except to tell you that I am a bride of Christ. I am receiving many many prophecies and teachings from the Lord. It came as a result of a long and painful Deliverance...there was a huge background (ancestoral rights) and marraige rights reigning in my life.

I have been given a new name by the Lord, and a Ring and an internal watch, and have been to a Banquet, Festival of Shelters and the Wedding Feast. I have Decrees of Justice in place, and Doctrines of Health and Prosperity. I stand, ready, for the service onto the Throne of Zion. I am, the Pertainer of Faith for the Court.

I am in the process of growing in knowledge, wisdom and revelation from the Lord.

If you wish to know more, or know of 'others' that the Lord is preparing like me, for service in Obedience and Love and Peace and Hope then I am at your service.

Are you, aware of the distribution of wealth that the Lord is presently sending out to prepare his Bride to be called out into a Humble, holy people.

I have been advised by the lord to Form Allegiance when our cities are under attack (Spirtually Speaking).

If any of this means anything to you, in the Spirit of the Lord, just let me know.

I have prophecy over Ireland, and I know of my service to come.

Be very blessed.