Happy Hanukkah and many blessings from Germany,

We are a couple from Germany (41+37) with a big desire in our hearts to live in the holy ways of our redeemer and saviour YAHUSHUA Ha Mashiach. Your message about the mens in the assemblies or congregations are very interest.

The prayer and intercession of my wife and me are the same. Here in Germany and the other German-speaking countries (Austria-Switzerland-Lichtenstein) is a big lack of spirit-filled mens. Unfortunately it gives not many womans, too. We look always for this kind of people, but we can not found anyone in Germany.

The only One here in Germany we know is the sister of my wife Christel - Jedidja (36) and her two children Daniel and Sarah (15+10). They live 400 miles apart from us. We are full of joy, that you in America have a bigger size of burning woman`s in YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.

Our question from us to you is - could we have a spiritual exchange of our experiences with your experiences in your ministry and life. Germany is a big desert in the true faith. We are on the search for holy and faithful people, that can help us with attachment, love, good advice, prayer and truth.

We have here in Europe (Germany) an isolated fight against the darkness. We need your prayers and support. We believe the Torah, Tenach and HaBrit Chadasha but not the doctrines and teachings of churches and free churches. We celebrate the feasts of the Holy Scripture and we are very happy that we have found the right name of the Mashiach and Elohim two years ago.

The sister of my wife celebrate the feasts, too. Our names are Hartwig (Elia) and Heidi(Hanna) and we live in the South of Germany (Bavaria). We hope that we can come in a clear and fruitful connection with you all. It`s an encouragement for us to hear from your group. Let hear from you!!!

Best wishes and greetings
Shabbat Shalom