Beloved Friend Elisabeth,

how low that dung Zeph Daniel, his friend Frank Whalen, Richard Keltner, Hunter, channel Z is for Zero tolerance YAH has for them calling for your death and calling you evil names!

[ Click Here (Real Audio) to listen to the Whammy show in which Zeph and Frankie call for Elisabeth's Death! ]

All your enemies are YAH'S enemies! What kind of a person would call this Holy Ministry evil? Just because you stand up for Holiness? Obedience to YAH? Mocking Holy Tongues, mocking These men are Satanist plants and people are being fooled all they have to do is check the fruit of this ministry and they would see that their fruit is evil and have a form of Godliness and no Godliness within. Anyone that doesn't defend you are either a coward or of Satan and they are dung in human form for anyone to even think of harming you in any way YAHUVEH will take vengeance.

Shame on anyone that is blessed by this ministry and prophecies know you speak the truth and have called themselves a friend and financially supported this ministry and then stand by and does nothing as Zeph and Frank call curses upon you over the radio and call for your death! vengeance to them! I try to carry some of your burdens, I try to imagine what it would feel like to be persecuted as a prophet to that degree. My mind is filled with love, protection, compassion, helpfulness, solidarity, humanity, sensitivity, encouragement, consolement, sympathy, friendliness, understanding for you. I send you energy, positivity , rays of light, hope, endurement, intelligence, confidence, assertiveness. Being in a moment assertive includes the future, I send you inner smile. Stay strong for a while to take a fresh start.

Don't think of too much of the present because YAHUVEH WILL GUIDE YOU. just know that you'll be taken care of, you'll be given what you need, you'll get to a happier place, you'll find joy and peace so you can be at ease. Leave the enemy to their own filth where they sink in. Truly you are right when YAHUVEH said they dig their own graves with their tongues!

I send you the extra oil in my lamp: guidance, ears to hear YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, see the bright side, clever ideas, luck in selling stuff, reserving tickets, finding places to stay, meeting assisting people, getting good advice, being in the right place at the right time, having a good time.

Nobody should be allowed to make us feel depressed. I pray the enemy to stay away from you while you are awake, when you plan your steps, when you pray, talk, move, think, sleep. They'll find it impossible to approach, hurt, attack, stand against you! You'll be provided for. May the cloud of deliverance be upon you. Mans job is to protect women! Pitiful, pitiful snakes,these men are snakes that attack you, and those that call themselves friends and yet do not defend you are judas's, YAHUVEH will judge them and one day they will call someone a friend and instead find they are a judas in disguise, they're not even fit to be called animals! The greater is their judgment!