These are the People who take the time to prove they care. If you have written and I have not posted your email please don't be hurt, we receive so many lovely letters and there is not enough time to post them. YAHUSHUA bless you who have taken the time to send your loving financial support and prayers and kind words, praise reports, salvation reports, proof behind the prophecies, abortion comments against abortion, comments against Zeph Daniel, Rich Keltner, Frank Whalen (who is a Howard Stern wannabe.)

You have written your comments against a young man named Hunter I use to think of like a son,and now realize he is no friend but a enemy and a Judas and he has lost any anointing he had by selling out to Satan by attacking this ministry as well as me viciously and compromising what he once knew was truth.

Below is a letter from a beloved Sister from Finland who is a friend and Partner in this ministry. I will not allow her to be harmed by the evil Jezebels that threaten any friend of this ministry so I will not put her name. She learned through this ministry that abortion is wrong and so is homosexuality. She learned about holiness and the Jewishness of our Messiah, including she learned and now keeps the Holy Days as well as the Shabbat. If it wasn't so tragic it would be funny,My legal maiden name is Elijah and yet I am called a Jezebel and a legalistic pharisee and a false prophet not to mention a YAHUVEHITE! Woe be unto these who slander this Minister and Ministry just because it teaches the truth in the Holy Scriptures, woe be unto those who called themselves my friend and then turn into a Judas! YAHUVEH will Judge and take vengeance.