Dear Sister Elizabeth,

Christian greetings to you in the mighty and holy name YAHUSHUA. I am from Africa in kenya.

I am born again spiritually and i love YAHUSHUA in my personal life.I have found you at your webpage

I ask you to pray with me always and remember that we in Africa too need your prayers and teachings about Yahvashua our Elohim.

Please let us get to know each other more in YAHUSHUA. If YAHUSHUA grants you the ability, you can start your ministry in Kenya so that we may join you up. You will have many people in my country if you planted your ministry here!

Me, i am still unmarried and i am waiting upon the Lord to provide for me a servant woman of His for wedding in God's time for us. I am now aged 38. It is good for me to be open and tell you the truth about myself because i belong to the light and not the darkness. God bless you and your ministry abundantly and may our Elohim YAHUSHUA keep you healthy evermore. Reply. Amen.

Your brother In YAHUSHUA,
kenya,East Africa