Dear Elisabeth,

I just read The statement of faith of this ministry, words can't express how much I LOVE, BELIEVE and hold tight to the truth of all of it. The Annointing on it, truly The Hand of God.

I love your Holy Boldness Dear Sister, keep it up, The Holy Fire is aglow deep within you. How I feel the joy of The Holy Ghost deep within me now, so full of gratitude that He led me to this annointed site. I wish I could meet you face to face. One way or another I will, here or heaven. I know God's Word say's be anxious for nothing, but I am anxious to meet my Savior, Yashua. All of God's Family together with Him.

Thank you for The Hanukkah site, what a deight and rich blessing you made available to all of us. I lit my menorah at home last night but also the one on your website. Keep speaking against all the false wolves exposing them to all whom will listen and wake up, because time is drawing closer and getting shorter. Even as I type this the wind outside my window is howling by, as if The Holy Spirit is ever so present with me. I truly Love and Thank Him continuously.

Elisabeth pray for my daughter Maria. She has recently been diagnoised with Bi Polar Diorder. Pray her weight down, she has gained so much. She will be starting her 2nd year of nursing school in the fall, unless Yashua comes first, and remember no weapon formed againist this Holy Site shall prosper.

Sincerely Your sister in Yashua