I was reading one of our most recent prophecies. In it you mentioned that the Ruach haChodesh had informed you that the anointing given you was electrical.

A couple of years ago in high school i came to an astounding realization based on romans chapter one verse twenty, "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:"

The ruach is invisible. so too is a single atom to the naked eye, but due to modern technology (things which are made) man has accepted that all atoms have a proton, neutron, and an electron. (The electrons are responsible for lightning and electricity) the current model of the atom reveals that the proton and neutron reside in the nucleus (center)bound together while the electron orbits them. now what i realized is that Yah resides in heaven with Yahushua by his side which reminds me of the nucleus of the atom. Messiah told his disciples that he was sending them the comforter, or Ruach which reminds me of the electron orbitting the nucleus. truly one cannot say that the holy spirit is only in heaven.

I thought that that was pretty cool when i realized it, and stuff can get sorta complicated when you take into consideration ions and atoms without neutrons, but i don't go that far.

Where matter, aka atoms, does not exist there is emptiness and nothing, where yah is not, there is emptiness and nothing.

When you mentioned that the anointing given you was electrical i thought cool, something which sorta makes sense to me. i hope that i have not confused you or flooded your mind. i love science and believe that since yah created it, it should point to him at least somehow.

Electricity is nothing more than a flood of electrons. so the next time you see a lightning storm or touch someone think about what yah has given you and praise him. sorry if i have repeated myself this box is sorta small and i am doing my best to make sense. i also have some more stuff about sound waves, and the sun which i find interesting if you are interested.

I feel like i was given this information for a reason, and it can be hard for someone to wrap their brain around. we are to pass along what we know. umm...enjoy!