Hai Elisabeth.
Thank you for praying for me. I am really very afraid about my future. In my church, one sister said to my mom today that Ďplease pray Holy spirit said to me that your daughter will slip somewhere. She said in our language Tamil. In our language that word may mean dieing also. I am already a heart patient. Before 6 years I had a open heart surgery. Now I am 17 years old and I want to live and die for Godís glory alone. Nowadays I am getting a bit of pain in my chest sometimes. It started like this before 3 months. I did not say to my mother. But I prayed.
I donít worry about dieing or anything. But I want to do Godís work.
I want to learn MBBS and become a missionary. I want more marks in my exams which I have completed. I am writing entrance exam also. If I get seat in my home town, I wont have any problem. Please pray that I get because I am doing some ministry work among my friends who are not Christians. I have nearly turned them to YAHUVEH. Please remember me in your prayers. Today I am alive because of God only. I know that. Please reply. Usually I donít cry before people. People think I never cry whatever they say. But really I just try to forgive them. But now I feel like crying always without any reason..