Beloved of YAHU'SHUA!

I greet you this morning in the NAME THAT IS ABOVE ALL NAMES YAHU'SHUA THE MESSIAH, Happy Sabbath.

How are you I pray everything is fine, today I want give a special thank you to you Elisabeth, the day I found your website Our Lord had surely lead me to it, thank you for the uplifting messages when I was so down, surely u are truly a sister in YAHU'SHUA your testimonies have gave me back the strength to go on, you helped focus on the cross, and your testimony has made understand I was not unloved by Yahuveh.

I am truly loved. I now understand my calling and why all the persecution, so many things you talk about that you went thru or that you see made me realize I was not alone in the things I saw, may Yahuveh mightly bless and enrich you and your ministry. My son Praise be to Yahu'shua has given is life to The Lord couple of weeks ago, you have taught us the importance of the Sabbath. Once Elisabeth Handmaiden of the Most High Yahuveh may you be abundantly blessed.