Dear Beloveds,

Thanks you so much for this e-mail. I also felt beaten down and VERY disappointed, however I have heard of total deliverance from sin so I know that it can happen, but not to me. Thank you YAHU' VAH! I have also been deceived by the enemy in so many ways. We go to church on Sunday and I just learned that we should be keeping The Sabbath Holy. To be honest with you I don't even know what a Holy Sabbath or a Holy Sunday for that matter looks like! Do you have any teaching on this? Also, I sent an e-mail out to a group of friends asking them why we call our Savior Jesus when He is Hebrew and not Greek.

I got a question back. Can you help me answer this: She says she thought that the New Testament transcripts were written in Greek. She asked if there were any Hebrew transcripts of the New Testament. Also I spelled YAHU' VAH, YAHU' SHUA.and RAUCH HA KODESH like you do which is the way you pronounce it. My friend also asked why she had always heard His name to be Yahweah and not JAHU' VAH. Is this the same and I've just confused both of us because of the spelling?

Thank you again for your web-site, your love for YAHU' VAH, YAHU' SHUA, AND RAUCH HA KODESH! May you bless us some more with your wonderful gift of discernment and prophecy. I also thank Luigi too because I have learned so much from this. I also wrote to ask you the difference between the guest and the bride and I thank you for sending out YAHU' VAH'S words on that too. May God Bless you and your whole house (including your ministries) with every spiritual blessing in the Heavenly Kingdom! Whoooo hoooo. Thank you for setting me free!

I do ask for more prayers, though, that my whole house would be delivered and that I would have knowledge and wisdom and most importantly love when I go out to reach the Lost and misguided Christians (including me!)

I can't say thank you enough!

In Him I love!

ps One day I heard JAHU' VAH call me Cassandra. I said "that's strange" and He said no, it's not, look it up. So I did and it means prophet. If I am a prophet, how do I stir up the gift and the anointing of this awesome calling? Recently I did get a confirmation to this.