From Robin in Great Britain...

Shabbat Shalom beloved Sister in YAHUSHUA.

I thank you for replying to me.  It is a blessing to hear from you and I do appreciate that you have many many emails to reply to from all over the world.

On Mon 10th October I was praying that YAHUVEH would lead me to a website that would provide encouragement and help in these last days.  I have time at work to go on the internet and I am always looking at spiritual things. Cutting Edge Ministries was the first website YAHUVEH used to open my eyes about the state of the world and the things to come.

I was already aware of the anti-christ and one world government including the chip. But YAHUVEH has shown me so much that has moved me forward spiritually.

YAHUVEH led me to your website and it spoke with such power to me, like there was a strong anointing or something, that I got on my knees on the night of Mon 10th and gave my life to YAHUVEH in a way I have never done before. I have a love for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA like I have never known.  I want to spend time in prayer, reading the bible and have a deep desire for heartfelt repentance.

My prayers constantly ask YAHUVEH that my life would know the reality of Matthew 5:3-10.  I want to see fruits in my life that are pleasing YAHUVEH and honour YAHUSHUA.

It is tough going as I know the devil is aware of all this and he keeps coming at me, so strong sometimes that I feel overwhelmed.  I confess before you, my sister in HIM, that I have given into temptations that were dishonouring to HIM and an abomination in HIS sight, even since Mon.  Each time, I get on my knees and confess my wrong before HIM.  But I would rather NOT give into them and long to be free of them.  It is a daily battle.

I know I am saved but I am sick and tired of sometimes giving into temptations that I know I shouldn't.  I am fed up of sin and its ugliness.  But more than anything I am sick of things that are unholy.  The enemy is not to be underestimated this much I know and the minute we are off guard there he is.

I hate abortion, homosexuality and pornography.  My sister is a lesbian. My mum and dad (whom I still live with) celebrate christmas and easter. I have never agreed with Christians celebrating christmas or easter and now want to cut myself off completely from them. I also now take Fri sunset - Sat sunset as my Sabbath.

More than anything I have talked about so far, I want to be counted worthy to be part of the Bride.  I plead daily that the mercy of YAHUVEH, because of the blood and YAHUSHUA, would yet count me worthy to be apart of the Bride of YAHUSHUA.  I ask that my life would bring forth the fruits of repentance and holiness.

The attached pic hopefully summarizes where I am at.

I continue to pray for you daily, that you would know HIS peace in the midst of your storms, HIS protection from the snares of the enemy through the blood of YAHUSHUA, the blood that makes demons tremble. I know it is hard sometimes, especially when you are called upon to speak HIS words, but remember Moses.

Look at 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. Do NOT forget that your weakness is HIS strength.  HE will supply all your needs because HE has called you. Hold onto Philippians 4:6-7 and 1Peter 5:7 know that you are in HIS hands.

May YAHUVEH bless you in abundance as you continue in HIS will.

Much love in YAHUSHUA.


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"Rev.Elisabeth Elijah" - [email protected] - wrote:

Shabbat Shalom

Blessings to you in the name of YAHUSHUA! Thank You for those encouraging words, yes its hard when we are persecuted for living Holy and teaching Holiness, but what else can we expect from the devil and his servants?

Thank you for your recent love offering and I pray in YAHUSHUA'S name it will be multiplied back to you like the loaves and the fishes.

Please email me again and tell me more about yourself.

Love and blessings in YAHUSHUA'S name

Elisabeth Elijah 

P.S. I wish you could see the origional picture the anointing is so awesome, and I discern more each time I look at it, why YAHUSHUA is weeping tears of blood. Keep a eye open for the newest update that will be posted shortly, and please re read the prophecies concerning "fire from Heaven" YAHUVEH warned Louisiana through a prophetic warning given to me in 2002, among other states, HE is going to do what HE did to Sodom and metorites the size that will crush houses will fall from the sky with hail unlike anything we have ever seen.  This is the newest warning given to me during Sukkot.